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For a long period of time, I have been keeping to myself the story behind the course I picked when I was going through the phase of getting into my University today. I may have told this to some of the people I made friends with and I hope they won’t think of me as absurd as before (hah). College is the next big thing they said and it was. When I first stepped in to college my mind was freaking out because I was culture shocked. I was alone wandering around the campus not knowing where to go or who to talk to. In short I looked like shit. Remember your first day in kindergarten where you don’t want to be left alone by your mom, then she starts forcing you to go inside the classroom so you start crying? It somehow felt like that all over again in my first day in college. I know I’m already in college and I should be gutsy, but you can’t blame a girl like me who’s timid. FYI, I started commuting in my second day in college and I didn’t even get scared. Enough about that and let’s talk about the real reason I’m updating my blog after my hiatus in writing.

It was a cold day in January where I had to prepare for my college entrance exam. I almost got late thanks to the traffic, but also thanks to my sporty side I ran up to the fourth floor just in time when the proctor is distributing the questionnaires. After the exam, it never came to my mind that I will pass or get in because of the fact that 1.) I found the exam hard especially the general information and 2.) There are A LOT of examinees, it wasn’t even just a hundred. A couple of weeks passed I graduated and I found out after our trip to Puerto Galera  that I passed the exam (whoopee) but unfortunately my score didn’t pass the three courses I chose (oh please let the ground eat me alive right now). In my University your score in your entrance test will tell you what course you can take and what you can’t take. So the score is kind of a requirement in a specific major. Yup, I was disappointed… When I looked through the courses I can take in my university’s web page I was shocked to see that I can only take three-year courses because of my score. I was about to cry when my mom gave me my registration papers and I saw the courses revised test score requirements. I don’t know what got into me. A three-year course is just different in so many ways from a four-year course. Yadda… yadda… yadda I found out that my test score is suitable for the course of Mass Communication so without having second thoughts I went for it.

April came and it was time to pass our requirements. That day when I passed my requirements I swear I was feeling exhausted; not even close to fatigue. The hot weather and the endless lines made my day even worse. This is where the absurd story really began. I was on my way to the library where the interview is being held for the students who chose to take the course of Mass Communication. In that course you will choose whether Broadcasting Communication, Journalism, Communication Research or Advertising and Public Relations will be your major. Of course my super audacious self (ehem sarcasm) sat at the back. Half an hour already passed and I was still sitting there thinking of what major I should take. I was really planning on picking communication research and my mom did too so I said okay. A man came outside of the waiting area and he said “Okay to the people who are in the line for the communication research please stand up and come with me” so I stood up and followed him. We were not really that many; I think we were only just seven who followed him. The man told us to wait for us to be called and so we did. After a few minutes a different man approached us and asked “There’s an opening for the broadcast communication major, who likes to get the interview?” and out of nowhere I FREAKING RAISED MY HAND AND FOLLOWED HIM. Do you find me insane now? I didn’t know what was going through my head that I decided to raise my hand. Maybe it’s because of I have been in and out of rooms all day passing out requirements forgetting I needed to eat, but then I chose not to because I badly wanted to finish everything that day. Guess what, I didn’t. After my interview I went straight to the line for the cashier so I can pay my tuition fee for the first semester only to find out that the line was so long I had to walk up to the sixth floor. I decided to just go back early the next day and when I did God blessed me that day… viola I was the first in line. If you’re going to ask what happened in my interview my answer is it was nerve-wracking, awkward, and the interviewer was hard to please.

I wasn’t really disappointed that I magically chose broadcasting communication (considering it’s not my profession) as my major because as of now I’m gaining a lot of knowledge about my strengths and weaknesses in performing. Never have I ever imagined myself getting in this situation where I enjoy the activities we do in our performance classes. Maybe this is the right path for me.What worries me the most is the thought of, what if the day I want to give up finally came?

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  1. Oh no, Shauna! Don't give up! Mass Com is fun! (Well, in school) hahaha. But really, there's a lot to enjoy in our course! I hope you're taking the right path. I might see you in the field one day :)

    Check out my new post, too! I'd love to hear something from you :)


    1. I am enjoying it so far hahaha thank you Cielo! :)

  2. aww this is actually the course I've been wanting to take but my mom won't agree with me. but I know it will be fun (though I didn't experience it myself) but I think when you put your heart into it you'll enjoy every single time with your course. :)

    keep in touch! :)

  3. you have a lovely blog! would you like following each other? Lemme know