by - Friday, August 07, 2015

As I have said before (or not), books are for life! When I was in elementary I knew that books aren't for me because I hated reading back then. I used to just glance at the words in my novel book and then bam! I'll slam the book as if I finished reading it. Every year our school held book fairs so, of course me being a really fluttery kid when it comes to books (note sarcasm) I stood away from it. That's it. No books for me. Nada. It's not that I REALLY HATE IT, it's just that back then I don't get the whole point of spending your time reading a book that's going to be forgotten in the future. Don't judge me, I was a kid. I knew nothing.
Soon came high school the greatest time of our lives, they said. Well, they were not joking it was the greatest time of MY life. I wish it was high school all over again (I miss my best friends and the chill days) because college right now is just pure stress and pressure). Our school still held book fairs, but this time something different came up. I think it started when I was in 9th Grade that our English teacher required us to find two more people to work on a book review with and that we should only pick a book that is sold in the book fair. At that time I was like "Damn this is going to be a tough one".  As bad as it sounds I didn't actually read nor understood the novel because it was about murder..? I don't actually remember, but what I do know is that I did not like it (I'm sorry group mates). I helped with making the book review by giving out some of the information I squeezed out off me (lol it was from google) yadda yadda yadda then WE PASSED IT! Felt like heaven. In the end I still did not like reading.
That summer I discovered Wattpad (wow very ancient). Long story short that's how I ended up falling in love with reading. I can't believe I started to give love on reading with the use of a reading application, but I don't regret it though. Time passed by and I started downloading Ebooks. I was obsessed with it. I remember being scolded by my mom because I was too busy reading instead of listening to her (THIS WAS WAY BACK 2012), then I started to buy hard copies of books when my mom and I visit book sales, most of the books I usually buy back then were old and not well-known.
The first well-known book that I have a hard copy of is Eleanor and Park (I also blogged about it) surprising? Ha! I'm not really the type of person who spends money on expensive books when I know I can download it online. I know some of you will say that it feels different when you have the actual book, believe me I do too, I also buy books from book sales remember? It's just that the books I buy are not that well-known.
Its been weeks since I saw an article in my Facebook news feed that there will be a book sale for the whole month of August. Me being a book obsessed person searched some more information about it. Good thing my block mate who lives near there knew where the warehouse is. We came there last Wednesday since we didn't have classes and boy did the place look big, hot, and dusty. I mean what do you expect it's a warehouse full of books, people, and boxes, but who am I to complain the books were only twenty pesos (P20) of course it will be bombarded with people.
Finding the right book that suited my likeness frustrated the crap out of me. I barely found one considering that all the good books were already taken. Something urged me to get the good books from other people, but that was just pure evil. 
After four rounds of wandering around the area (yes I did count it) I decided to find books that have places on it. Luckily I did and I was happy with it because they look priceless. I think the right term is picturesque.
The whole gasping for air and dizziness fiasco was all worth it because the books were very cheap!  Maybe in my next visit I'll finally find the novel books I have been wanting to take a chance on reading. 

Go visit Books for Less Warehouse in Pasig City. Click here for more information.

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