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"They were my everything, but I was just another face in the crowd" -Kate
It all started when music was discovered. Many people that are now famous experimented with it and made humankind go absurd. With its beat and moving melody you can never go wrong with listening to any type of music. Then, there comes the ringleaders who create's it: singers, musicians, etc. It's important for a musician to have fans because it will inspire them to make more music and will help them to be discovered. Being a fan is like being someone else, you somehow get to escape reality. There are many pros and cons of being one, and trust me it can make you go insane.

How will you know when you're already becoming a fan of a famous artist or an upcoming one? Here are some of the stages I have gathered in the inter-web and basically my own experience.

Let us say you're wandering around Facebook at the moment and something caught your eye. A friend of yours shared a video of a band playing their piece. After watching it, you find yourself looking at some of their other songs on Youtube and when you grow interest in them you will ask yourself "why haven't I noticed them before?". The next thing you know, you're already doing research about them. Photos, band updates, band location, etc. Itching to find out everything about them full name, birth date, birthplace, name of parents, siblings, likes, dislikes, and sometimes the name of their pets (based on experience) will give you the disclosure that you're definitely fond of them.

In this stage weird feelings and countless thoughts are being built. You start to feel things for them that will lead you to think that everything he does is cute, you can't stop talking about them and to their music. Obsession is part of what you will encounter when you're starting to fangirl over someone. From the clothes they're wearing to the food they're eating, you will want to have them too, also wanting to have what they currently own is kind of exaggerating, but trust me there's this feeling you will get where it will  make you just want to own it. I'm not talking about the expensive stuffs they own, but the little things like the shirts they wore or the baller's (bracelet) they wear in every concert they perform. Some people call fans obsessive because we tend to know what they are doing every day, where they are going and they're not wrong about that. When that can't eat can't sleep mood hits you, you will never get over it. Unless of course there's good news like your favorite band member is not in a relationship with someone else. Being called obsessive kind of hurts, but what the heck as long as we know everything it's fine with us. When you start collecting posters, magazines, news articles, and band merchandises about your favorite band make sure that the money you are using is yours because you don't want to bother your parents for it unless they willingly give it to you.

There's this thing called respect and it's the most important thing to do/know and so don't forget that.  It doesn't mean that if you're not a fan you get to disrespect them. That's not how it works. The feeling of being a dedicated fan is fun. Helping them win awards is fun because you get to bond with your other co-fans, also being part of a fandom is better than working by yourself.

Once you passed all of that, your love for the band will now grow bigger and bigger that will bring you to start reading fan-fiction books about them (highly recommend Wattpad). Who are the authors of those books? The fans of course. Fan-fiction books will blow your mind once you've read them because of the changes they make from what's the truth. They use an alternate universe where events and actions are shown differently. What you're getting from fangirling will make you do crazy things and by some means it makes the impossible possible and that's normal so don't worry.

"What are some of the reasons that cause fangirls get depression?" Hmm okay let me guess that one band you love and care the most will not have a concert in your country, the band breaking up, worst case scenario YOUR FAVORITE BAND MEMBER IS IN A RELATIONSHIP. Don't you just hate it when you can't get the thing (most specifically a person)  you like/love the most? Having that you're only a fan boundary sucks especially when the band you're idolizing is really famous. Any celebrity can be with them in just a snap considering that they are in somehow in the same level and they're gorgeous as heck. Sometimes you will find yourself staring at nothing because once you go back to reality mostly everything will remind you of them. Regretting becoming too obsessed over them may come, but you will get over it. You may also get sick of looking at their gorgeous faces every freaking second because of the posters hanging on your wall and in your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram timeline. It's everywhere for sure. Your family and friends may complain that your having mental issues because you get hyper and weird just talking about them and in just mere seconds you're already crying because you know that you will never get the chance of dating them considering that they have high standards. YOU-0  UNIVERSE-1

After all the chaos you have been through in your fangirling phase, you will finally accept the fact that:
  1. You will never ever get the chance of dating them. But if you do, lucky you. 
  2. There will be times that you want to hurt someone because they are being nosy and just because they're a bitch.
  3. You can never end your fangirling life because it's like a religion, it's for life.
  4. You have to rely on fan-fiction books when it comes to wanting to feel what it's like having a relationship with them.
  5.  You won't get enough sleep everyday because of the different time zones.
  6. Many people may not take your fangirling life seriously because for them it's ridiculous.
  7. New fans will come out from their little cocoons and join the fandom so don't let yourself get annoyed because of their childish, awkward, and annoying attitudes.
  8. Interacting with your friends and family will lessen considering that you will always be in your phone.
  9. You will experience bankruptcy because of all the band merchandises they will sell.   
  10. Life goes on. You don't have to bring all your attention to them, remember that you also have a life to live
Like what I've said people may not take it seriously and they might criticize you for choosing to do it, but if it makes you happy don't let their judgments rule you. Stand up for yourself and don't let them do it again to other people. Enjoy being a fangirl OR a fanboy.

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