by - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

 And I have done it again! From Peachy Keen to Solarustic. I really don't have a valid reason for the sudden change of blog title, so expect nothing. I have been MIA lately here on blogger which sucks because I know that I should be blogging more.Anyway last March 5, 2014 I celebrated my 1st year here on blogger *party poppers*  I was technically going to post a video on how I started this blog but then I realized that we were going to have our exams the day after it so I just studied. Speaking of exams! It's finally over! I don't have to worry anymore which is a big relief. We had our Junior-Senior Promenade last March 8, 2014 (after exams) heads up for the blog post about it later!
As you can see in the photos I have posted here I am doing a lot of non-sense things -- writing, listening to music and visiting my social media networks (I went outside our house just to do those things) (I feel more comfortable and yes, we have a table outside)-- that is because I don' have classes for 2 freaking days and I only have 2 days of school left. Amazing, isn't it? Hah! It also means that I'm going to graduate soon!

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