by - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

 Junior-Senior Promenade
School year 2013-2014

The wildest night of my entire senior year! Last March 8, 2013 I attended my last promenade. It was fun considering that it's my last year. Our prom was actually themed Black and White-Silver and Gold. I did not follow the required attire as you can see. I did not feel out of place that night because I thought 'hey it is my last year, why not wear something I like?' so yeah. That happened. I wore a ball gown instead of a cocktail dress or long gown, I wore my white converse sneakers instead of high heels AND the gown I wore was not black, white, silver, nor gold. It was peach. I feel like a bad ass kid from Bel-Air (wth lol). I was not comfortable with my gown to be honest, it kept falling when I was dancing because it was a medium. Anyway! That night was super fun and to be remembered. 

Hair&Make-up//Tita Ed  Gown//Kate's  Shoes//White Converse//Mine

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