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My feelings are eating me alive. Happy Valentines Day everyone. How are you all doing? (It seems like I'm talking to myself, okay I don't care) Today is more like an ordinary day for me though. Do I sound bitter. No. Maybe. I don't know. This bittersweet day made me think of some few reasons why I/we shouldn't feel misfortune or bad because we don't have a special someone to give us flowers, chocolates and sweet words. 

First of all I would like to say that teens nowadays think of the most stupidest reasons ever. They think that they are ugly or in a bad shape that's why no one likes them and that's why they don't receive gifts on a special day. God made everyone in his likeness therefore no one is ugly or in a bad shape. We are all beautiful. Yes, many people might tease you because of what you look, but you must always think that you are beautiful
Going back. Here are the reasons why (?)
We all know that being alone sucks big time especially when there's a holiday coming up that many couples celebrate but, it doesn't mean that you can't celebrate it by yourself. Sometimes being alone is the happiest thing ever (for me) because you don't need to worry about anything. You just have to go with the flow. It let's you think and breathe calmly unlike being in a relationship, it gives you the chills and stress that you can't handle. Yes, you will feel the love, the sweetness and the "cheesiness" but while your relationship gets longer, it will fade and you'll end up being alone again. Being alone has many pros and cons. I'm just stating my opinion. I'am no relationship hater. This is not based on experience. Well actually some of it are.There's your friends who can bond with you and make you laugh. You can always count on your friends to make you happy when you feel alone and miserable. They will always be there to love you and care for you. Sometimes your best friends are much better to be with. I'd rather be with them. There's food that will always make you feel loved and relaxed. 
Having a "special someone" will always be a big part on someones heart. That special someone can be your family that loves and cares for you. So never I mean never feel bad things because no one gave you something on a special day. 
This was just a quick update. If you got confused about something I wrote in here don't bother to read it again because I don't get me either sometimes. I just say what I want to say. By the way! Please listen to 5 Seconds of Summer's new song :---) would ya? It's just a lyric video though but it's still perfect.

Shauna xxx

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