by - Sunday, January 14, 2018

A few days ago I came across Camie Juan's blog about demotivation and it points out that we are never really ~lazy~ we're just demotivated or unmotivated to work on the things we want to do —that accusing ourselves of being lazy only brings a negative vibe. Her take on being unmotivated is relatable in every way. No matter what lame excuse you put yourself into, if something is lacking, it will keep you out from working on what you want to accomplish.

Ever since I decided to put up a blog I have been beating up myself to finish writing the content I've been forcing to get through for the past several hours, even days. When I do finish one topic I effortlessly post it on my blog right away, but I'm not consistent as I want to be on publishing fresher ones because something in me is lacking for me to create more. I know to myself that I don't want to habituate my life with putting aside the things that are important to me because according to what I believe, I have all the time in the world. I know, it's stupid. I mean I wanted this so I should be keener on keeping this blog of mine alive, but I'm in this for nearly 5 years and I am still in the aspect of demotivation.

The plan this year is to know what's lacking in me to feel so demotivated to get things done.

For all I know this year is going to be big for all of us especially for my batch mates and I because we're all #Gradu18 this year #Blessed and wow, I guess our main goal is to survive the pits of the real world. It's time to make everything worth it. And perhaps we are all mistaken to accuse ourselves as a lazy person and we're just, well, demotivated.

To properly end my first 2018 post here's a simple reminder from me that I got from my sisters school handbook:
You are on an incredible journey. It is not just about reaching the top of the peak. It's about enjoying the growth as you climb. 

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