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It's been quite a while since I wrote something about my life's side trips, as I call it, but last September I signed up an application for Snippet MEdia's SnippetX. They had an open booth inside our university one day and with my friend beside me who’s very persistent for us to check it out; we ended up going home with  high hopes that we get accepted. After a week, I received an email from them regarding my confirmation as a content creator/ contributor. Since then I've been sending my articles and fortunately enough it gets published. 
Just recently Snippet MEdia reached their social media milestone and as a way of saying thank you to their loyal followers they held an exclusive premiere screening of Star Wars The Last Jedi last December 13. Ticket winners got selected through electronic raffle and some bloggers who are associated with Snippet MEdia were invited. Who would have thought that I got to be one of them? 
I don't want to be such a spoiler however, if you're planning to watch it later this week my advice for you is to bring tissue and learn to let go as early as now. I am still in shock as to what happened  and apart from that you can really see the improvement of the characters in their acting.. Expect funny moments, action (obviously), and heartbreak. My favorite scene would be... naaah! I'm gonna save it for later. Is it weird that I ship Kylo Ren and Rey??? Oopsy!!
Meanwhile if you have already seen it, comment down your favorite scene and I will tell you mine! :)
Once again, I would like to thank Snippet MEdia for the warm welcome and for the  sweet invite! The venue was exquisite and I had loads of fun.

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