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Back then I was a 100% sure that my internship will definitely be the death of me, but it didn’t bother me too much because I was living in the moment –mainly stressing over my subjects and stuff.  When summer came I was feeling a bit uneasy because we were preparing for our big move (oh, hello south!), I was thinking “will I be able to apply for an internship this summer? Or am I just going to wait for classes to start so I can apply with my friends?”. To make the long story short, I applied late.

I sent an application to nine radio stations and I luckily got accepted to train in DZXL RMN 558. Kidding aside it actually felt like hell applying for an internship. Other than fitting four stations each day; going to their locations just to pass an application, I waited countless days for a phone call from them hoping I can start early –the universe didn’t let me though. I started second week of August.

Within my 200 hours, I have felt nothing but bliss. I mean it. The first few days were a bit challenging, but I got the hang of it thanks to the certain ones who made it so enjoyable I didn’t want it to end.

The Memo is actually a group of interns + their two supervisors who likes to make fun of everything and eats most of the time. I won’t tell the story on how we came up with the name because it’s too private to share. Anyway, just a brief background on what we do in our internship: we write news and our supervisors edit them, we monitor live news coverage, work in the production area (fave) and some of us were lucky enough to be featured on-air. 

DZXL made me try to do new things that were beyond my expectation. The boss’ were not that too strict so we (the interns) were hassle free during our stay. Someone told me that our batch is lucky because we got to experience their company’s outdoor activities.

First is the medical mission in Guadalupe Nuevo Sports Complex. Nothing much really happened. A bunch of unfriendly senior citizens were present and they kept on complaining about the long line. We were running everywhere because the venue got changed that same day. It literally pissed everyone off. Helping people out is my specialty therefore it truly was fun for me and I liked talking to the elderly –it was a tit for tat situation. We were all tired yet our hunger did not get disappointed –let me tell you that. 

Second is the tree planting in Ipo Dam, Norzagaray, Bulacan. I only have four words for such an awesome day –what a fucking adventure. Until now, days have already passed; I still can’t fathom the sentiment I feel about it. I did not expect it to be immersing in a way where it’s okay for my shoes and pants to get wet. I didn’t even bring extra pants or slippers with me! Yup it was dumb of me not to bring either of them. We rode a boat, trekked and planted some plants (but why was it called tree planting? same). It was a bit stiff when we started climbing the mount because the soil got too sludgy from the rain the other day. There were a lot of comic moments when we were planting, credits to my co-interns. I saw a pig and a dog riding a boat with their owner –that’s unusual and uh.. freaking surprising.

After we ate lunch and got our pictures taken my pants were finally dry, but unfortunately my shoes were not. I was barefoot the whole bus ride back to the radio station. In the end I bought myself slippers since I can’t wear my wet rubber shoes for another two more hours. It doesn’t really show how much I enjoyed that day, right? It’s because I can’t put it into words!! I guess it’s going to be just between me and the people I am with that day.   


Be respectful and humble, it will get you through the days, so for the incoming interns, please be mindful! Here are some advice's I thought of instantly while writing this post (basically these are based from my experience):

1.      Do your shit with effort.
2.      Always ask your boss’ if they need anything.
3.      Ask for a job to do, don’t just stay there and do nothing.
4.      Be humble.
5.      Don’t be a miss goody to shoes. Just be your damn self.
6.      Try befriending your co-interns so you have a reason to have fun.
7.      Don’t be late.
8.      Don’t be a picky bitch when it comes to work distribution.
9.      There will be employees who are in your age gap so also treat them with respect. I mean you’re just interning there…
10.  Don’t take everything seriously. Remember that you are there to be trained what it’s like to be in that kind of field. Just have fun.

I avoided counting my remaining days interning for DZXL after the anniversary events because I was sure that I don't want it to end. Time flew by fast and yesterday, September 16, marks the last day of my internship. Thank you RMN DZXL 558 for the wonderful experience, fun memories and foodtrips! Of course let's not forget my two favorite supervisors Sir MJ and Ma’am Diana, thank you for treating us interns like we’re a family. I will forever treasure our ridiculous banters and chats! Can’t wait to hang out soon.

This sounds corny but I really wanted to include this...

Sa pamamagitan ng Globe Telecom ang iyong radyoman ng newsroom, Shauna Lacson ng DZXL 558 tatak RMN signing off! 


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