by - Saturday, November 01, 2014

We all have different outlook’s on various things –way of clothing, doing things, etc. Some are good, some are bad. There is a probability that our perspective may be significant with others, but it will always depend on our own.

Yesterday my mom and I decided to meet up at the mall to buy some school stuff I need since classes will resume next week. Of course my way of transportation is by riding the jeepney.  I was wearing my ripped jeans, white Artwork shirt, and a pair of sneakers. When I got in the vehicle there were these two boys who seem like in the same age as mine and they were laughing. At first I was ignoring them because why would I give my attention to them? I don’t even know them. One of them spoke and said “Anong butas?” (“What hole?”) Then they laughed. At that moment I already knew what they were laughing at and it were because of my jeans. If you can envision my jeans were ripped exactly right in the knee, so if I sit down you will see my bare knee. I know most of you will think that I’m over reacting because I figured it out abruptly or I’m just making myself conscious.
I was genuinely embarrassed of what was happening though I know I’m not supposed to be. I can’t help myself not to glance at them every time they laugh and whisper to each other’s ears. That time I was determined to get out and ride a different jeepney because I was in the depth of embarrassment.
The good thing is I got over it.
I did not get angry nor upset to them because every one of us has their own outlook on things (like what I have said onset). They think that I look stupid because of what I was wearing then, fine. It’s not my fault I intentionally decided to rip it –for the sake of vogue. If I am not mistaken those boys have different perspectives compared to mine.

We can’t oppose that every time we hear others perspective on things we fail not to judge someone or something.

It’s not bad to have different tastes on things. Just make sure that you keep the bad ones to yourself to avoid anyone getting hurt.

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