by - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's pointless to say that as for blogging about the current adventures of my life, I've been all out most of the time, which is really despondent (for me). Now I have these speculations on what I should be blogging about, but the real problem is I don't know how I'll start it nor make it. Okay i'm kidding I'm just too lazy to do it. It's been what? Almost three weeks since our semestral break started and I still got nothing exciting to do. Yup it sucks, but thanks to my handy-dandy tools, I got over the boredom and anxiety which I was experiencing for the past weeks. 
They say that writers are weird human beings because they would start filling up the pages of their journals with their own words and believe what they wrote. The best chunks of writing are the ones you don't want to share with anyone, the ones you only keep for yourself because you don't want them to cloud your thoughts. Call a writer selfish, but never fight one.  

Writing keeps me preoccupied in situations. May it be awkward ones. I really don't consider myself  a so-called writer considering that writing for me is just for fun (not in a bad way though) It's my way of making myself somehow confident because I can write about things that no one can read or know about. It's my way of understanding my own reactions on such things that I see and hear every day. It's funny how there's a probability that my journal can be a burn book. 

Writing is definitely fun so I suggest you try it. Buy a journal and write, write, write and lastly write. 

                                                                                              x x x

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