by - Thursday, September 04, 2014

Think different.

On top of all the chaos and huge amounts of coursework's, damn it I'm finally BACK. So some of my friends were asking me why I haven't been updating my blog and my answer to them is "Try telling my damn professors to take it down a notch on the coursework's". If you're still in high school  trust me, enjoy it while you can because freaking college will tear your head apart. 

I really don't know what to say in this life update, I'm afraid I'll be blobbing about what happened while I was out of this world of blogging. 

Oh hey! I got a new dog and I named her Argo. Thanks to Ange my best friend. Oh man this sweetheart of a dog likes to sleep A LOT. There's this one time when I was about to go to school and she was nowhere to be found. I was already panicking because I'm already late for school and I don't have the guts to leave her without saying 'bye' (what's wrong with me). After a few more calls I find her under the bed, chewing on her doll.

Going back to me being MIA from blogging, I wasn't really out of it, I constantly check out some blogs. There's these two drafts I made,that I'm supposed to post a month ago, but I was interrupted by coursework's that's why I did not have the time to finish it. Maybe I'll post it when term break comes considering it's going to be a MASSIVELY-HONEST blog post coming from me I guess. 

This blog is teeming with unending rants about school. Have you noticed it?, indeed it's not a good thing to post nor do. That's why I'm looking for things/activities to do that are not school related and that's fun to blog about. If you have some PLEASE be kind and share it to me (desperate)

If I'm going to have a spare time this coming week I'll be posting the playlist I made that I've been listening to every day.

Here's a little something to end up my update.. 

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