by - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finally a 5SOS Album Launch. Aca-belive it.

The most awaited day of the month came with ease! I can't believe I woke up at five in the morning just to prepare for the album launching. I don't even wake up that early to go to school (fyi I've never been late for school

A day full of bliss and fangirling moments once again filled my atmosphere last sunday. Ahh, at last a non-college related kind of day! After months of waiting and grieving for an album, I can't believe it's out now. Kudos to us best fans ever for making their album get on top of the charts in the music industry! (look at me being such a fangirl) We also did a pre-celebration birthday party for Luke and Ashton so I'm really glad I came.

Ally and I helped our friend Anne in selling her 5sos merchandises (H TALES MNL) at the event with our newly found-Cofangirls Therese, Erika, Jas, and Shawn. Getting the chance to 'endorse' H Tales  merchandises was the best considering that I got to meet new people. 

"The best part of attending fan parties/album launching is making new friends" -Shawn

Ally and I missed each other so much that we took a lot of pictures together. 

I wasn't fond of how they handled this event because of some reasons, but at least I had fun thanks to the company of my friends.

White Shirt//Periwinkle
Black Dress//Thrifted
Black Sandals//Market Place

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  1. I wish I went! I was supposed to go huhu Looks like a lot of fun! I love fan parties because you get to meet new people. :)
    Check out my site?


  2. Ahh.. the joy of fan parties! Thanks for sharing your experience! Sayang I didn't get to see yoouuu! I was with a bunch of my friends and a few people behind fan accounts too. It was absolutely superb. =D

    1. Well I hope to see and meet you next time!