Never too late.

by - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To start off.. First, I would like to thank my fans who visits my blog from time to time :) hahaha i'm kidding. But seriously guys, thank u so so much! xo. Second, if u have a tumblr acc. please do follow me (arte). And thirdly! i will start my blog na :))..

Since it's the month of May, we dedicate this month for our mothers. We always celebrate mother's day with my tita's and cousins (mother's side) by having a mini yet memorable celebration.. an outing!! It was supposed to be celebrated at exactly May 12 mother's day, eventually something came up and it was moved May 26 (last saturday). This year we went to.. ANTIPOLO, RIZAL! (maiba naman daw) Yes, we actually survived the long hours of travelling and do nothing but to sit and stare at the window like dogs! Well we actually ate, talked about our last outing together, took a nap, Jam and I shouted "hoy" at the people passing by, we even opened the windows so the people can hear us clearly (bad ass) and we took care of the little kiddos 'cause the mom's were too busy finding the resort we're going to stay at.


Guess what we did first when we stepped out of the car? We... took... pictures at the swings and went sight seeing. it was fun, really fun.. thanks to tita rexette for taking the photos.

Kuya Jhay and our little qtp2t Grey


Of course me. 


Jam (shy type)

Lola and Grey

Gail at the staircase 

Mama <3

Cutie Ize and Tita Bhing
Viel took this photo. She yelled"pose" 
After taking pictures, running around the field, and chatting on what we should do next. We directly went to our room to check on our instagram, twitter, tumblr, arranged the things, and knocked ourselves out with nothing . Kewl. While "the mom's" were out to buy junk foods, the little kiddos were excited to swim at the pools near by our room so they were accompanied by our so ever beautiful tita rexette.

"Let me out!"

Excited gals


They didn't took pictures when they went to the pool side (dunno why) kate and i went outside, sat at the swings and had a girl talk which i actually miss right now. We were having the best hour. Then it's time for us to get ready.

The Hidden Paradise 
It actually took us 260 steps just to get there (the man with the hat told us that). They chose that pool 'cause it's cleaner and there are few people.
goin' downn

waiting for lola

good thing we did not bring the car 'cause its going to be hard going up

the abandoned lobby joke

photobummer kate!

I wont post the photos of us taking a swim 'cause i don't know? Hahaha! So.. yeah. It wasn't hard going down, really. The hardest part is going up SPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS WITH YOU. Well i carried my mom's bag which was so heavy 'cause the gadgets were there. Hell yeah it was tiring. They should put an elevator or better yet an escalator down there! Ok that sounded impossible. Eh. So kate  and i made a video just to put the 'tiredness' away from us. Get it? =)

Can u see mama going up with gail? i guess not

someday i'm going to skate there

(please excuse my man voice)

it's so.. green

the fog =))

we made a video again after the looooong walk

It rained. Bummer right? but it still went well. We had fun, played, and did weird stuffs. The best part was there were no lifeguards. HAHAHA yup we dived like shits. Poor grey, he got wounds *sad* damn u slippery tiles!! As usual, after making ourselves tired.. we didn't actually sleep we went outside and had more FUN. I love getting together with my relatives, you'll do stuffs that are really fun even though its already late. Hahahaha we were supposed play charades but sadly we fell asleep (thank u hidden paradise) well that's kinda it :) i won't tell the whole story 'cause i'm too tired.. hahaha oh stubborn me =.= bye!

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