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If you haven't watched any or lowkey don't like musicals just because then leave. Kidding! There's always a part of us (deep, deep, deeeeep inside) that loves a good musical. I remember watching my first ever movie musical –that is The Sound of Music and watching it a hundred times because of Julie Andrews' oh so beautiful voice plus, the songs were so good! Anyway, when I heard that there's going to be a sequel for Mama Mia! my heart thumped like a freaking drum on a parade. I got extremely excited about the news and I soon found myself watching the first film again. My mom is a fan of ABBA (their songs were used for the movie) so obviously, she's one of the main reason why I got hooked into watching it. Days after Mama Mia! 2 Here We Go Again got released I was staying at my Aunts house so I tagged along when they decided to watch it. And now here is the long-awaited movie review lol. This is actually my first time making one so bear with me and the exaggerated words I will be using because this movie literally gave me the chills.

Storyline ☹☹☹☹
I hate this but I have to. I might be spoiling some of you with some of the parts I will be reacting to so read at your own risk. Okay so I got a bit disturbed with the sequencing of the flashbacks and reality/now parts but who am I to judge the editors and director, I'm not a professional but that's my opinion so yeah. I just realized that I should separate my views on the flashbacks and reality/now parts because it will get messy or confusing but I know it will, either way, end up just like that because I just drank 2 cups of coffee and my body is absorbing all the caffeine so thumbs up!

FLASHBACKS: The scenes where Donna met and spent time with Harry, Bill and Sam separately were a bit short and it lacks the chemistry I was looking that's written in her diary. The writings there portrayed their relationships a bit more exciting or Sophie just got a bit excited reading out her mom's diary to her friends in the first movie. The scenes of the trios, Donna and the Dynamos where funny because of their banters and characteristics. I liked Donna's life in the flashbacks because it showed that nothing is going to stop her from the adventure and happiness she wanted in life.

REALITY/NOW: I am getting emotional right now I hate this, I really do. Waiting for Donna's part to come up was a pain like I was literally telling myself that it's okay she's alive, it's okay. But I already knew that her character had passed so I guess I just wanted closure lol. When Sky hinted that she's already gone I didn't believe it not until Sam's scene came along where he was talking to Sophie inside the ~love cabin~ of her parents and then pulled out a frame with Donna's pictures from when she was younger. Oh, God! The tears! You can't imagine the pain and heartache I felt. He was just so sad. As Sophie reflects on her mom's journey as an adulthood while trying to do everything she can to make her mom proud by pulling off a rather extravagant event for the hotel's launching that was destroyed by a storm made me realize that all you need is your family's love and support. Yes, people, that's the moral of the movie, I think. Whatever happens, love and support your family. I was wondering when Meryl's (Donna) character was going to be shown because she was still included in the movie poster lol. Cue the Slipping Through My Fingers song because this is my favorite scene in the entire movie –that had me in tears I swear. We all knew that Sophie and Sky are going to have a baby since it was shown in the trailer. In the baptismal scene of their baby in the chapel –where Sam and Donna got married it's like finally, everyone got their lives together and somewhat finally moved on from Donna's passing. I was not expecting Donna's appearance in that scene because she was just an imagination of Sophie and I really felt her need of a mother at that time. It was a freaking whirlwind of sad emotions. (I remember my cousin laughing at me because I was literally bawling my eyes out) Both of them were singing so that practically added up to the sadness. The ending of the movie was just another cherry on top, it's the final scene where the song is finally getting over soon so Doona was walking out of the doors of the chapel while facing Sophie and her family... shutting it like it's her way of saying goodbye for now. That was the best and saddest I have felt so far in a movie. Oh wow.

Every scene was like a bomb dropping off its target –that is the fans hearts.         

A big round of applause for Lily James portraying the Young Donna!!! She really nailed the character of a young woman hunting for adventure and doesn't give any attention to what people say. The perfect example of an independent woman. The other characters from the flashbacks were also outstanding, but something lacked with the characters of Young Harry, Bill, and Sam (I don't know I think I'm just not into the aura of the younger version of the original cast. Blaaah I don't know what I'm saying). I'm not even going to question or say anything about the original cast, I just want to praise them for delivering every scene like it's the final show and it made me emotional until now. Amanda Seyfried, you're such a babe!

I am in awe of the way they showed off the beauty of the island. The frames they took were on spot and it made me want to travel there right now. The colors they used for the production made the whole movie have a cool and subtle feeling. Since I'm already talking about colors I just want to insert the perfect choices for the wardrobe, love it! 

I got a bit bummed out when I heard the songs they used in this sequel because I didn't know some of them. Also, I noticed that some of the songs were sung like an acapella version compared to the first movie where there are so many instruments playing that even a mellow song sounds much more nicer. Either way, the songs they used were super meaningful that it made me cry that it's over. 

9 stars and 1 sad face –just because Meryl's character died, it's so sad. I want to watch it again though!!! 

I don't know if you noticed but this seemed like a movie critique instead of just a review. Hope ya liked it! 

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