Here's me talking or in this case writing

by - Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The first three months of 2018 came by fast. It's scary to even think that I'm almost done with college. I am officially counting down the days until graduation and I'm waiting for my mind to sink in the fact that this is it, is it?? I'll be receiving my cap and gown tomorrow, next week is graduation and after that I am officially on the road to becoming (PH's next top slacker. KIDDING) an adult. Waiting for everything to be finalized before graduation day is a pain in the ass because I'm at home all the time chilling. It's like being there is pressuring me enough to think whether I should start applying for jobs soon that's another cherry on top! 

What do I really want to do? Up until now I am still clueless and torn between the things that I want in life. It's like sometimes I know what I want to do but then I'll question it and I'd end up not knowing again. When you graduate college does it mean that you should know what you want to pursue by then? Because if the answer to that is yes, then I really need to do a comprehensive recap of what the heck I've been doing my whole life, not thinking things through about this part of my life with regards to my future and wow I must really suck at life.

It excites me when I travel and then I get to write about it. I also like to make travel vlogs and share it with my audience but, my travels are only minimal. I want to try new things and experiment with my skills. Try to learn stuff without needing any help from others. I guess what I'm trying to do here is jot down the things I want to do after college and still be clueless on what is it I really I want. Can you guess? Can you suggest any ideas from what I have written in here?

I think I just confused both you and I. Nevertheless, I am posting this without editing anything out. Peace out from the south.

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