by - Saturday, August 13, 2016

 This blog post is like a spur-of-the-moment-kind of thing so let's all spare my latest hiatus from this blog.

My backpack is from Cath Kidston that's 100% made of PVC —it's texture is like a tarpaulin. Since the weather in my country is yet rainy, this is backpack is waterproof (obviously). It has a small pocket in front and two on either sides. The vintage feel of the design really made it a 10/10 for me.
 Starting off with the big zipper…

1.Plastic Envelopes – National Bookstore// This suckers keep my paperworks organized, well, somehow. I used two because the other one (blue envelope) is for more important files like reviewers and essays that can’t be folded.
2.Calligraphy Notebook –E.G.G// I really don’t know why this is in my backpack. I bought it last week in a stall in Glorietta. I like to buy stuff that I would rarely use.
3.Mathematics Notebook, Binder, Steno Notebook, Scientific Calculator, and pencil case – National Bookstore// if you’re wondering why I have so many notebooks inside my bag when I already have a binder, let me wonder with you. Ha!
4.Umbrella- Divisoria
5.Make-up Bag and Penshoppe Body Spray
6.Wallet, iPhone 4s and Nokia C3
7.Journal – Powerbooks // I only write in school when i’m alone or I have a free time.
 Next is the front pocket…
8.School I.D
9.Bus receipts from when my friends and I went to SM Megamall after our news coverage for SONA
10.SM Department Store receipt – I bought sunglasses because they were on sale.
11.Film  Festival Screening Schedules – I forgot to put it in my journal. It was a memorable day indeed.
12.House keys + drawer keys
13.Flash Drive

Well that’s kinda it! To be honest I just realized that I actually have a lot of things in my bag that I don’t actually use for school. It’s time to organize my bag…

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