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No shit I tried to record myself in front of the camera to do a "current favorites" thing video bloggers do on Youtube and it turned out horrendous. Since I'm god-awful at making video blogs I'll just write it down instead!
I have never been really keen on using cosmetic products ever since college started. Little by little I try (or like force myself) to use them because obviously I'm putting make-up WAS a big hell no.

Lip Balm: This do great works for my lips because they keep it moisturized and does not feel heavy on my lips. I keep in inside my everyday bag. I got this when my folks and I went to SM South Mall. There was a huge make-up sale inside the department store and we lowkey went for it (sales are fucking fit). It's a Lip Treat Nourishing-Lip Balm that has SPF20, PA++  with DPHP (I don't know what the heck it means, sorry) and it is raspberry flavor. 
Mascara: Also from IN2IT sale. Of all the mascaras I have put on my eyelashes this is by far my favorite one to use because it's lightweight on my eyelashes. 
2.  EGG (Exciting Gifts and Goodies)
POUCH: This pouch is a savior. I've had this for over a month and it's making the inside of my bag neat. It looks small yet my charger, pocket wifi, earphones, and phone can fit inside. 
NOTEPADS + NOTEBOOK: I just love to collect notepads and notebooks that look like these! I mean who wouldn't? Actually the brown notebook (upper left side) is from Papemelroti, it's just a plain notebook that I can doodle and write on. 
3. Canister
 Let's get sentimental for a moment. I purchased this canister way back last year, I decided to put it in my current favorites because here I keep my memorabilia's; movie tickets, entrance passes, music festival ticket, etc. some I keep taped in my journal.  
4. Coco Cabana Swim Wear 
Out of all the swim wears I have, this is by far my favorite. It's comfortable (doesn't show too much boobs). Kudos for polyester and spandex because it's not heavy when wet. 
5. V & M Naturals 
Since I discovered these I never had bad skin days. 

SALT OF HIMALAYAS - Every wash provides the skin more than 80 nourishing and skin replenishing minerals that are sure to alleviate severe causes of dry, mature and sagging skin. It detoxifies the skin and deposit necessary minerals needed to make it glow. 
KARMA CLEANSE - With every wash of Karma Cleanse, you help rid your skin with the most noxious elements while feeding it with the best nourishment it can ever need.

These two soaps are great for body and face cleansers (based on experience).

To know more about some of the things I got click on down here: 

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