by - Friday, March 25, 2016

My night before our Bataan trip was consumed of reading a book (by that I mean eBooks). I wasn't excited nor looking forward about it and I don't know why. Time was running awfully slow, I was dreading for it to be three o'clock in the morning already so I can go and eat breakfast. When it's finally time, I did some last minute fixing it's funny how my mom was SO skeptical about me bringing a monopod.
Of course my meticulous mom accompanied me in meeting up with my friends at the bus station. Fast forward to waiting up at the bus station for my other (late) friends, we were laughing and talking about our agenda for the day. Supposedly our departure time was six o'clock, but something came up and we departed at seven o'clock. 

We arrived in the terminal of Balanga, Bataan at around ten and damn it was so freaking hot. Our group decided to eat lunch early considering our schedule got messed up. We chose a small eatery nearby the plaza that had the most hospitable service crew (judging from my experience). After eating lunch, we went straight to the plaza and videotaped some sights that we can use in our travel show. I was quietly observing our actions that time and boy, oh boy, we were all tired. Travelling for hours is definitely not a joke especially if you're taking the bus plus carrying all your bags with you during the day. Just imagine us carrying two bags per person migrating from one place to another.

Being one of the cameraman was sooo frustrating. I was all over the place and I wasn't having fun. All I wanted to do that time was lie down and just rest for a while.

In all forms of groups you will always encounter the phase of quarreling. Hell, we were all very tired and in the verge of bailing out, then suddenly someone decides to act like a total bitch. Aaagh I don't even want to discuss what happened though remembering it makes me laugh. Lol we were such kids.

(Shauna and Jessie's feet)
I only had the chance of having fun when we rented a jeepney to get up and travel to Mt. Samat. The jeepney ride was freaking fun. Laughter, jokes, and foods were shared within the group plus the driver (joke okay he was very quiet and...strange). The battery of my camera was the first one to surrender which made it easier for me to have a good time. Good thing we had extra cameras with us. Quick note, I want to thank the persons who took care of taking the videos while I was out having some fun.

(Shauna and Reign)
(From left to right: Dency, Carl, Reign, Jessie, Shauna, Francis, and Bea - 7/12 of Travelkads)
Day one was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g. Mt. Samat was our last destination for that day and I can't describe the fun I had when we were up there. At last, we were finally having fun. 

Sorry if this blog post isn't satisfying or isn't elaborated enough, I'm juggling blog posts after blog posts right now. I suggest you watch the vlog I made (watch it in HD) See you in Bataan Day Two Travelkada's!!! 

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