by - Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eighteen thousand year old soul 
Midwest shooting star
 In the place she waits

 But she moonlights rock and roll
 Playing a rain dance with her guitar 
Sometimes you only get one chance
You got a look in your eyes 
I knew you in a past life 
One glance and the avalanche drops 
One look and my heartbeat stops

I'm visiting my cousin for the weekend so we had a little fun and decided to take a quick shoot while she's doing her laundry. I was making weird hand gestures as you can see because the camera was acting weird so I just swayed my hands (heh). 

Despite the fact that I'm obsessed with Walk The Moon's songs (notably Avalanche and Work This Body) I am deeply excited for the second week of October to come because it means our break for the semester is finally starting! I can't wait to lounge around, watch endless movie series, and be away from stress.

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