by - Monday, March 30, 2015

It hasn't synced in to me yet that summer already begun, until now. I can't believe I survived my first year in college, well somehow considering that I'm still waiting for my other grades to be posted. Though some days feel like hell because of the horrifying amounts of coursework, midterm exam and final exams I am still grateful for the opportunities and blessings that came to me these past semesters. 

Going to Uni is hard at first because you don't know what you will be expecting to happenhorrible professors, bad impressions, bitchy block mates, sleepless nights because of term papers, and gum in your hair.  If you're an incoming freshman in college and you don't have anyone to hang out with, my advice to you is don't rush yourself in find someone to be with just because you feel awkward being by yourself. You might miss out the chance of being with the people you really want to be with in the near future (of your college days) because you can't leave the people you were with in the first place. Not that you will regret being friends with them, but you will just somehow realize that your personality doesn't fit in with the group you're in. Get the point. Be wise when choosing your friends in college because they're the ones you can count on and will cheer you up when you feel down. I'm pretty much lucky with my college friends because they make me laugh in just seconds and we trust each other. 

When it comes to doing your paper works, don't rush yourself in doing them because you'll just stress yourself out and make everything so difficult you'd rather choose not doing it . If you want to procrastinate do it (not really advising you to do it) just make sure that you will give the effort your work needs. As if I can really stop you from procrastinating. Remember that college means a fresh-new start, there are behaviors you need to change, moments that needs to be taken seriously and choices that needs to be chosen wisely because your future depends on the actions you'll do. It's far way too different from high school. I mean it, but you don't have to be that serious also remember  to enjoy and have fun. 
Now that you're all weirded out because I'm blabbing about college again after two months of being MIA here in blogger I have the same old reason that is I was too lazy and I had writer's block. After my OTRAT concert blog post, I felt the need to get back in to blogging again (thanks to my sister and cousin who helped me urge myself to write again). I'm expecting to have a productive summer this year so that means I have a lot of things to blog about! See ya soon peeps.  

Photos taken by Veronica

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