by - Sunday, June 15, 2014

College just started last Tuesday and I still have my post-first day-feels. I never thought it would be so hard in a way that everything is bizarre to me. I regretted not making friends when I enrolled in my University that's why I found myself lost in the first day of class. Thanks to my awkwardness I didn't approach any freshman students because I was afraid to make any awkward conversations.

So, I was awkwardly standing near the flagpole with my phone in hand waiting for the time to come for me to go inside. I was lucky enough to meet four new companions---that now became my friends that are taking up the same course I'm taking. I got startled when we got inside the room because everyone was already introducing themselves and making friends with everyone. It was hard for me to adjust in my new surrounding. 

First days in high school were composed of introducing yourself in front of the class but, in college you have to make your own way on how your block mates will know you. As a timid person I just waited for them to ask what my name is. I got a little bit anxious when one of my professor pronounced my name wrong (I mean is Shauna (sho-na) so hard to pronounce??) Anyway the whole afternoon was serene, we were all chatting (I set aside my shyness) talking about our past school year and experiences. 

My block mates and I get along very well so I'm pretty glad :-) My first day in college wasn't bad after all!

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