by - Thursday, May 29, 2014

(This photo has nothing to do with the whole post. I just don't know what photo to use)

A wise man once said "Know how to live the time that is given to you". To begin with, that quote made me do this blog post (this is just a filler actually) I received an email from sandcastlebay (a magazine layout web page that re-blogs a collection of blogs that are inspiring) (wow my blog posts are inspiring??) a few days ago asking for my permission if they could put my blog in their web page. Of course I said yes and regretted not checking my mail when I got time last week. Hopefully when the time comes I can see my blog posts there and you can also check it out. Anyway going back to the quote, it made me realize that I should never waste my time doing unnecessary things and that I should also spend my time posting blogs more often because it might help me get more good opportunities.
I came across fromcampuswithlove's blog today and her blog post called 26 adjectives caught my eye, it gave me an idea to do one too. 

Making : this blog post for the sake of my blogging career 

Cooking : nothing. Because I can't cook very well
Drinking : apple blend iced tea *teheee* (or should I  say Tea-hee get it?) 
Reading: fan fiction books in Wattpad everyday is awesome (fangirl moment)
Wanting: to have my own room so I can decorate it myself

Looking: for a new way to make my life more exciting
Playing: Hungry 5sos (it makes me insane everytime I play it)
Wasting: the pages of my journal is not a good thing
Wishing: that my college life will be filled with great(good) memories 
Enjoying: The Royal Concept's playlist filling my ears

Waiting: for Ashton Irwin to notice me (@punkbums_)
Liking: the thought of me being a college freshman this coming school year
Wondering: how I can fit through a leprechauns house 
Loving: the way my band obsession is going
Hoping: that I'll be noticed soon by famous bloggers heh
Needing: a new pair of socks
Smelling: my books is weird but I like it (sorry I'm weird)
Wearing: my orange muscle tee shirt with a pirate raccoon at the moment 
Noticing: the mess I had done makes me furious
Knowing: that my tuition fee is not that bad makes me happy because I don't have to worry about being a burden to my mom HA-HA
Thinking: of doing a video blog.. no hate
Bookmarking: every single sweet quote in Eleanor and Park makes me cringe
Opening: a box of cupcake is my favorite thing ever EVER
Giggling: about how handsome 5 Seconds of Summer will look in a Barong Tagalog (OMFG) 
Feeling: a little bit furious because I don't have my phone 

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