The Big Escape

by - Friday, December 13, 2013

I've been a total mess this past few weeks. I had a hard time coping up with some school stuffs because I had a fever for a week and I still have the same old problems since last month. I'm in a lot of stress right now (It's like I'm in a pool of stress (I' am drowning right now)) To be honest i don't even know what to do. I wish Christmas break was here already. And hell week is about to come, that means I'm going to be busy stu-dying and procrastinating. I just hate the word studying. Ugh.

To get away from "the stress" I planned my biggest escape (not really)

These two photos here were stolen shots. HAHA

 I planned to stroll around Ayala Triangle, and I did. Allyson accompanied me because she got bored at home.


"We were the bad ass kids who went inside bench, tried on some clothes, took some pictures of it, and bought nothing (west side hands)"

"Twinsie Friday"

 I told you this was not really a big escape I just went out to release all the stress I'm into. Yes, it looks like I don't have a problem but deep inside I'm dying (drama) Okay.. So is this blogworthy? I think it is.. Lol. I shall go back to the dungeon and continue procrastinating, talk to you all soon! Bye x

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