Let the good times roll

by - Monday, August 19, 2013

Last Saturday we had our 2nd  CAT (Citizens Army Training) we had lots of fuuuun! Well in the first place i thought it was going to be boring because last time we only discussed the first aid thingy (sorry i wasn't listening when it was discussed) But this time we did so many obstacle course and lots of thinking. We were mixed with the other sections, so we'll learn how to socialize with them (because we don't know some of them) and here are some of the photos i took when we had our CAT.

As you can see.. most of the photos are just me and my friends. If you want to see what we really did and what really happened go visit Ate Joylyn's photo album. Mehehe. BEING WITH THEM IS THE BEST <3 (all the seniors) 

Guys meet my SoulTwat (the white girl) She's Allyson, but i call her 'Ally' because i don't know lol. She's the beeeest when it comes to weirdness and bands.She's lyk meh sester frem enether mether. Mehehehe i love her too bits <3 gaahd. We even have our own language!! Haha okay. 

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