I don't know.

by - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Howdy partner! *feeling cowboy* So it's been exactly 3 weeks 21 minutes and  46 seconds my time. Sorry if I don't blog na, I'm dealing with something kase (insert grumpy face) wag niyo na din alamin kung ano yon haha. Actually I want to say something here in my blog, but I don't know what and how. Weird right. I just want to shout, shout all the sadness, and the semi-bad and good things that happened to me this past few days!
Sometimes I want to cry it all out but, I don't cry 'coz it's not my thing, you know. Maybe I'm just gonna eat na lang.. What a solution. Haha. So I'm going to share to you the stupid thing I did (I just miss talking to him kase) I was bored and kinda not in the mood being not in the mood (<THIS) so I DMed (direct message) him in twitter, we talked blah blah blah. Then after that i realized that I was making "papansin" pala.Guess what, sinabi niya din sakin yun! Oh god. *BIG LAUGH* "Bawal idahilan yung namimiss ka na?" I wanted to say that.. but I guess ayun din naman ang bagsak ko kaya hinayaan ko na lang. LOL. Anyway. While we were talking I noticed that he's not in the mood.. o ayaw niya lang talaga ako kausap? Oh, so sad. Pero ang labo ah? Siya na nga yung *toot* tas siya pa walang gana makipagusap? another LOL ova here! Well I guess it's true nga "past is past" bilis makalimot ni kuya. Ano gamot ininom mo? :) :) hehe. After that I just smiled, I smiled like a boss.. Oh yeah :> *walkout*. I don't know if were still   friends? (weh, after what happend friends pa din? loko) Or we will just act like we don't know each other.. strangers ba ang peg. Hahaha. Well that's it!

 (insert achievement to nakapag-blog na ulit ako, happy face!)

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