My Mind's A Mess

by - Friday, March 15, 2019

This post will be some kind of a jumbled nonsense. Welcome back to my brain.

It's day 73 of the new year and life is already filling my way with unexplained feelings. I had a hard time accepting the path that He gave to me. At first it was awful, challenges came my way and decisions had to be made for things that would change me, my future.

Relax —that's what I keep on telling myself everyday. I won't make the same mistake again. I won't be stressing out myself with things that will make myself be a sad excuse of a girl. When I cry at night I dont tell myself that I'm sad or anything pessimistic, it's just that I'm tired. Tired  of the things that make me sad. Tired of the times I feel so greedy.

3:45am I woke up crying. I told myself I was just yet again, so tired. When I woke up again for work I felt nothing. Sometimes I want to squeeze my mind, what am I truly feeling? Am I the saddest girl in the world? Or am I just broken.

Whoever made the quote "The only way out is through" thank you. It made me realize that certain life scenarios are meant to be lived may it be good or bad, because we wouldn't be who we are now if we didn't experience it.

It changed me.

My mind's a mess.

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