Get to know me a little more

"So what's your real name?"
Shauna Leigh C. Lacson

"When is your birthday?"
September 21, 1997 

"Where are you from?"
I am from the hot and sunny Philippines

"Now that you're in college, what course are you taking?"
I am currently taking up Bachelor of Arts Major in Broadcasting Communication


"How long have you been in the blogging world?"
One year,eight months and twenty one days. But if you're going to ask when I started to blog seriously it would be just last April 2014. 

"Why do you keep on changing your blog name?"
I'm known to be the person who's not contended over such things, but I promise to you that this will be the LAST.

"Do you make your own blog layouts/templates?"
I don't make blog templates considering it's hard and HTML's are frustrating to figure out. Nevertheless if I'm in the mood, I would tweak it.

"Can you design mine?"
I did take requests back then but I'm a lazy ass person so no. Unless I get paid for it (lol). Please note that I'm still in school and it's my top priority as of now.

"Can we Ad Swap?"
Of course! Just shoot me an email

"Can I interview you?"
I would love to. No second thoughts to that!