A nineteen year-old professional procrastinator from Manila, Philippines made a blog that would somehow satisfy her need to share to the world what's been happening with her life, with the use of her slow internet connection. She likes going on adventures, but without the whole getting tired part. Her love for boy bands is quite.. irritating. She likes to go on and on about how she got that twitter follow from that guy Michael in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. You would find her lying in bed snuggled up with the sheets like a burrito watching endless music videos or just listening to music. It's hard to enumerate the things she love because she loves mostly everything including her worst days. She's talkative like the others, but you won't get her to talk in front of a big crowd. Her low self-esteem is a big slap in the face. Photo shoots, hanging out with friends, and going online in her social media accounts are some of the things she fancy. Well, she also likes putting herself in deep pressure and awkward situations. Like right now, talking about her is kinda... weird. Oh and by the way, her name is Shauna. 

P.S Welcome to the blog! This is pretty much where she dumps the 1/4 of her life so enjoy!