An Introduction to SnippetMEdia & The New Publishing Tool

by - Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What is SnippetMEdia?
“SnippetMEdia makes reading and discovering online content easier by saving the users the time and effort in finding what they want to read among a multitude of sources” -Kitson Kho, founder and chairman of SnippetMEdia

It’s like your interests are given on a platter. SnippetMEdia is the main extension for some of your desired contents.

What is SnippetX?
A platform where contents from bloggers and freelance creatives can be accessed by the readers. If you are one or just a passionate creator, this new platform of SnippetMEdia is perfect for you. You can share your content, anything from fashion, food, travel, or technology.

How does it work?
You can go to their website or download the app. SnippetMEdia made it easier for you to access your desired contents with their improved mobile app. It opens a large range of opportunities for SnippetX contributors to be recognized and it builds a connection with their readers on topics that are interesting and more relevant to these days.

*Note: If you are planning to contribute your works, you can send it through their website in the Join Us section.

SnippetMEdia is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Download the app –

Perks and Benefits of joining SnippetMEdia:
  • Workshops
  • Exclusive Events
As discussed during the meeting, one of the main problems of the contributors providing a content idea. They decided that they will try to invite some of the contributors to different events so it may help them to gain more ideas. 
  • Snippet Lab 
When they shared this to us the plan is still under construction. Basically, the Snippet Lab is going to be the contributor's workplace. They also plan on having a corner (more of like a studio) where you can film videos. The location? Hmmm I going to leave it a secret first *hehe*

THE NEW PUBLISHING TOOL (A brief overview)
During the meeting (that I was luckily invited to with my fellow contributors) they introduced to us the new publishing tool they are planning to put on their website for it to be more accessible to the contributors. When the whole preview of the publishing tool was explained to us I thought of Blogger and WordPress combined, but the great thing about this one is that there are editors who will check first your content before they approve of it to be published in the website and you may expect that there's an audience for your content since SnippetMEdia has a wide range of onlookers. And it's up to you if you want to recycle your work from the past or publish it to SnippetMEdia exclusively.  

 How to use it:

1.     Sign in using any of the following: Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for easier registration. 
2.     Post content: Article, Video, Gallery (Photos)
      You can tag and pick your own category so people can find it easily.
3.     Wait for the editor’s approval
Your content will either be approved for publishing or sent back for revisions. 
For minor revisions, you are given 24 hours to edit/revise your work whilst for major revisions, you are given 48 hours to edit your work. If you're unable to do the revisions within the given hour/s your content will be disregarded.  
4.     Check Notifications!!!
For approved articles.
For sent back articles, edit/revise according to instructions and submit again.

Honestly, this is possibly the easiest way for contributors to get recognized for their contents because you get to have your own page with your contents and people can visit it. As of right now the publishing tool is not yet available due to furthermore enhancements, but I will update you on this one when it gets launched! 

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