Flicker World Tour Manila 2018

by - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Disclaimer: Detailed content ahead.

 A live version feels so much gratifying to hear.

Last June 10 my sister and I really pushed our luck to watch Niall Horan’s concert in MOA Arena but, beforehand we told ourselves not to expect much since we hate disappointment (for not getting the tickets). 
 The weather was a pain in Manila; it was raining since the crack of dawn and it didn’t stop all day. I actually thought that it’s going to be canceled because of the bad weather forecasts circulating. Our cousin who’s in fact meant to attend it –since she bought her ticket way before the concert day made sure to build-up excitement by vlogging the entire time, whereas my sister and I will find and take our chances to get a great deal for tickets with great seats (I’ll discuss more of this later; how & where we got our tickets). 

I think it was already 5PM when we arrived at the arena and of course we went straight to the entrance way to check if the line is already long. To my surprise no one was shouting their lungs out or someone running past us to fall in line. Because of the bad weather it was a great decision for some fans (including us) to line up when it’s time for the security to let people in since it’s a reserved seating (nobody wants to get in line under the rain and get soaked before the concert duh).  

In the meantime we decided to roam around at the mall and have dinner as we arrived earlier than expected. By the time we’re done wasting time I was hoping that everything goes as planned when going back to the arena.
 Now, the story of how we got our tickets. We bought it from a scalper outside the arena and before you go react like wild cats, it was a last minute decision to buy the tickets because he was selling it for half of the original price of the ticket and the seating was a cherry on top! It was a great deal so there you go.

Don’t worry I am very much aware of the consequences from buying to a scalper, good thing our moms where there and we made sure that we got inside first, also just to make sure that the tickets were in fact legit before they handed the payment to the seller. (Thank you Nanays!)

~side note~ please buy at your own risk. I know scalpers are always roaming around the arena every time an event comes along to sell some tickets and it’s always tempting to buy from them because of the discounts and finer seats but, make sure to ask them such information like how legitimate their sources of tickets are or check the ticket for any hints of con. However, it’s still better to buy in ticket offices instead where you will feel safer and comfortable to spend thousands of money.

Going back…

It was such an intense moment waiting to hear that beep sound when the lady was scanning my ticket. My legs felt weak when we finally stepped inside the arena and it was like a breath of fresh air knowing the fact that wow we’re this close to seeing Niall perform, is this for real??? Feel free to look into my Flicker World Tour Instagramhighlights and you will see how hyped I was before, during, and after the concert. 
 We waited for another one and a half hour in our seats trying to put ourselves into a more calm and collected state. I was a tad disappointed that they didn’t play any One Direction song when people were piling up the seats and since we’re going to wait long before it actually starts. Can you really blame me? The opening act was like a pre-hysteria type of performance so as expected all my blood rushed through my body from dancing and singing along + it involved so much of Dua Lipa’s songs.
 When the lights finally dimmed everybody freaking went crazy and in that exact moment my sister and I rushed down to my cousin’s row because FORTUNATELY the seats beside her were empty.

We. Were. A. Few. Meters. Away. From. Niall Horan.

I never knew the set list and I’m kind of thankful for it because I didn’t want to feel or know that the night is over soon. FYI I shed a tear when my favorite songs were played live. You didn’t disappoint us my love! Thank you for playing Drag Me Down & Fools Gold ©
(From left to right: Me, Kate, and Viel)

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