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How do bloggers do this shit? I mean, I have been doing this blogging thing since year 2013 and never have I been consistent with posting. I can’t even remember why I started one (lowkey ~pabibo~ much?). Nevertheless I’ve been a fan of bloggers namely Camie Juan, Cielo Fernando, Jeline Catt, Renee Deguzman, Nicole Cord-Cruz, ETC. Their blogs are heaven. I don’t know how they do it, but damn am I a huge fan. Pursuing that kind of line is torture (well duh). Owing to the fact that first, you are going to be judged on how good you write or in general the content of your blog. I mean who likes to read nonsense right? Second, the photos you take. Let’s be real, people often give more attention to it than the content itself. Sorry to break it to you (and myself) but you ‘gotta have the skillz’ to be like one of them...

Nah I’m just kidding just be yourself and don’t listen to what others say because boo, life is all about you doing you. “It’s never too late to be what you might have been” -Anon

For the past two-three years I’m still stuck in the same dilemma, “What should I post?” If you by chance read my old posts, you are damn right; it’s all the same shit. It is either about school, complains about my life, the struggles I experience or complacent nonsense. Way back 2013 (just months in the blogging world), I remember forcing myself –wait no, I was pressuring myself to post something, ANYTHING because it felt like I was far behind from other teen bloggers (the heck right?)  So, I started to post things about my week, the things I bought for myself, my fangirling days!!! And let us not forget my woe days (okay don’t search for those and just stick with my recent ones hah). Though I am very much pleased that I get to travel and share it. It lessens the thought of my blog being a total junk. I honestly want to continue blogging even if I only get to post once or twice a month. It makes me comfortable and satisfied that I have this kind of world, you know? 
I tried vlogging. But thanks to my low self-esteem that didn’t work out. That has always been my problem, when I try to vlog I always feel like ‘eh I look so bad I want to punch myself’ even when talking to people I am not close to! I feel so uncomfortable. I can’t look at them in the eyes when we’re having a conversation. Regardless, I do travel vlogs. My editing skills are pretty much on the down low lol (there are still a lot to learn!!!)

I am aware that I have to do better. I have to redeem myself from all the hiatus I did and someday this blog will be it for me. To all the aspiring bloggers out there, good luck. 
My last year in college, this is it.

It has already been two months. I can’t really believe it but, I know I have got to. This is my reality. There are only a number of months left before I graduate and the pressure is freaking high right now! I bet this semester is going to be like a freaking circus. We will definitely be juggling our way through doing thesis work, attending + doing course works for our remaining elective classes and at the same time our internship. Being a senior in college is so ~ fun~. Though I am really excited to start my internship! Hell yeahhh. Obviously I can’t wait to participate! Working on a radio station sounds hard but I’m just hoping for the best that I could pull it off. 200 hours is a lot, I’m already counting the days and ready to adjust in my schedule. 
And after this year my road to adulthood is ON. Do you ever get the feeling where you’re nervous as heck about the future but there’s also a bit of excitement?? Or is it just me? I always get that kind of feeling. Reality is so ready to bite me in the ass.

P.S. How do you avoid getting writers block? Give me tips!!  xxx

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