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I know it’s been a while. Ever since I published my Cebu blog post last year, I have been undeniably busy with college work and of course I wouldn’t deny the fact that I have been idle with writing. I’ll spare you the details about my college events, but the bottom line is that the past semester was truly mad, horrible, and exhausting. 

The video I have posted here, as you have (hopefully) watched (and appreciated), are some of the shots I took from our Batangas trip last March 28 to 29.  I know, I really suck when it comes to video editing (OK I get it. Already working on it). Our trip was a two-day, one night excursion in the beautiful island of Tingloy, Batangas. Seems pretty quick but we agreed to stick with our budget since it was an out of the blue trip. 

Meet Bea, Shane, Bhea Jeem and Carl, five out of the eleven #SUMMERKADA gals (well of course don’t forget about me!!!). Only the five of us were able to go because of such reasons... heh. By the time we arrived on Tingloy Island we were all tired and hungry due to the long commute, we didn’t waste time though so we went and rested for a while before taking a swim in the beach. From six in the evening until twelve midnight the island is operated by generators for the consumption of light and energy. Thankfully we didn’t forget to charge our gadgets beforehand. After midnight, all you can see is darkness and the starts occupying the sky. Having no electricity wasn’t bad though because it was cold all night long. 

We visited the so-called lagoon the next day on the other side of the beach just to check it out and look at the ‘oh so beautiful’ rock formations. The view was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I highly appreciated it when I was able to look at it with my own eyes. I mean the waves were a bit scary, but man, the clearness of the water was astonishing. Long story short we took a lot of photos (especially the jump shots ones, I think we took thousands of those). Blah blah blah we ate lunch and... It was finally time for... SNORKELING!!! Actually (just a little f.a.c.t for all you guys) snorkeling was not in our itinerary for our last day. Supposedly we were all going on a hike, but then we decided not to because Tita Benie (the owner of the cabin we were renting) suggested that we go snorkeling instead since it’s our last day on their island. What made us more into it is the price she offered to us (hmm #tipid). 

I must say that my second snorkeling experience made me once again realize that there are wonders under the sea. For sure the five of us remembered our Ecology professor when looking down under. Marine ecosystem? Anyone? Haha! Anyway I can’t even explain the feelings I got from that experience! I saw a freaking sea turtle for the first time!! I wasn’t that close but I still saw it with my very own eyes so... HECK YEAH SNORKELING WAS A FREAKING GREAT IDEA TO END OUR TRIP! 

Eating Batangas’ famous Lomi before going back to Manila was unquestionable. I’m glad we saw Tita Susan’s Lomi House near the port because another commute for it would be the death of me. I was beyond tired and my body was already aching from our previous events, though it lessened a little when we ate lomi. Damn my 40 pesos for that lomi was well spent.

Cubao to Batangas Grand Bus Terminal – 160 pesos; we were all able to pull-off the student discount since it was still a school week for some universities so our ticket only costed 132 pesos [3-4 hours bus ride]
Batangas Grand Bus Terminal to  Anilao port  - 37 pesos [1 hour jeepney ride]
Anilao port to Tingloy port  - 80 pesos [1 hour boat ride]
 Tingloy port to beach – 15 pesos [5-10 minutes tricycle ride]
Food – we brought our own but we bought drinks that only caused less than 50 pesos since we each contributed for it and the Lomi we ate before going home. Which only cause 40 pesos. 
Cabin rental – 250 pesos
Snorkeling – 100 pesos (including the rental for the boat!!!)

The expenses travelling back to Manila is just the same as travelling to Batangas. Generally our trip expenses only caused us less than a thousand pesos. Tingloy Island is such a beautiful place. I recommend you visit it as early as NOW (not even kidding!) until it’s not that crowded yet so you can savor the quiet moments and the stupendous beauty of the place. 
All in all Tingloy, Batangas is a 10/10 for me. #AcadsBeforeLakads

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  1. A well deserved break after a busy semester. Keep giving me excellent grades and your efforts would be rewarded. Luvyah!