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(Photo taken by my block mate, Jethro)

These are some of the photos I took when I covered the events that happened these past few weeks  -Eid'l Al-Fitr and the Inauguration Day. It wasn't hard as I expected it to be considering we had to work in pairs, though it was quite challenging because we're required to take interviews and in those two events no one liked to be interviewed. Wearing our student press I.D was mandatory and it kinda feels nice to show off (I'm sorry I had to). 

During the Inauguration day I -hands down felt cynical. Security did not let us in because there were too many of us, I mean we went as a whole class. Let's just say that we made our magics work and got in -we really just used a different route to get inside. There were so many people outside the palace, more specifically the supporters. We didn't really see much except for the marching band, the president's family that humbly took pictures with us, and some senators. It was frustrating because we were just there, waiting, outside the palace and the gates were closed. FYI, it was a school day so we got a permit for us to be excused in our remaining classes. 

It's my first time to encounter Eid'l Al-Fitr and to cover this event pretty much overwhelmed me. Trisha and I didn't get to attend the whole ceremony because it usually starts at dawn. Our plan was just getting so complicated we had to change it, so by the time we arrived at the Mosque the ceremony already ended and everyone was already eating. Spending one-hundred pesos for a Hijab was worth it because we got to see the inside of the Mosque (not really the inside of it). The colors of the walls were so vibrant and engaging that we had to take countless pictures in it. Eid Mubarak was greeted by everyone from the inside and outside of the Mosque. I couldn't stop myself from smiling the entire time because they're so jolly. I also admired the humbleness they showed to each other and the respect they have for the people who went that are non Muslim. 

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