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Growing up, we were total opposites. We would always argue and treat each other like shit. We never shared anything. Not until the day our life changed, the day we became closer. There's no doubt that until now we still do the things that make us hate each other ––because that's how we roll. And yet we still manage to have fun and make ourselves afloat even in worst days. 

 Attached below are the two poems that clearly describes me and my sister. 

The Burkhead Way
What can you say about a sister who
Has everything? Laughter, life, love,
Smiles, tears, enthusiasm, spark, knowledge, 
Spunk, and to top it all off, beauty.

A sister isn't just a sibling!
She is a whole world.
The things she touches are amazing. The love
She shares is beautiful. 
And her encouragement is spectacular.

To have a sister doesn't make you special,
To know your sister makes you invincible.
The bond sisters share is enlightening. 
The love they give to each other is magnificent.

To look into your sister's eyes and know 
What she is thinking isn't a miracle; it's natural.
To see her smile warms your heart. To hear her talk 
Soothes your soul. To feel her heartbeat in you is special.

They say sisters are from cradle to grave, 
But I believe that it is the in between that counts.
When she takes the rap for something you did,
She doesn't need a thanks, she does it because she cares.

When she sits up till 3:00 AM with you, 
Even if she has to get up at 7:00 AM, 
She doesn't feel exhausted, she feels cleansed.

When you two cry together till your eyes are all puffy,
She isn't just sad, she believes that it cures the heart.
When she picks out your first prom dress, or brings you
Your first flowers, and when she buys you a card because
You had a bad day, she is glad that she could help.

A sister's word of encouragement or warning 
Is always taken to heart. When she explains 
How to handle a boy at school, or how to 
Talk to mom, she's touched that you came to her.

When she can sympathize with you 
Because she's been there, it's comforting.
When she can share your dreams with you, 
It's encouraging. When she beats you up 
Because you're a brat, it's learning.

Sisters can do anything. Together they
Will conquer the world. But when it's 
All said and done, she will hold you hand
Because she's proud to be your sister.

So, if you are blessed to have a sister through blood,
Be thankful. And if you're all alone, grab the first precious girl 
In your life, and make her your sister.
Sisters are everything you need
And a whole lot more.

An opponent, a teammate, a fan in the stands.
As time presses on, those loathsome grains of sand.
Like looking in a personality mirror, I reflect you, you reflect me.

It's as if we take turns, one like the blossom, all attractive and bright-
The other, wise and nourishing as the leaf, carrying liquid in its veins, -
A vessel whose purpose it is to supply life to the glorious petals.

I've given you my trust; you've lent me yours.
I've vilified you; I've placed you on a pedestal.
I've seen with my eyes, deep sorrow in yours.
I've ached for your pain-
And cursed with deep conviction at the tragedy you were forced to know.

You've listened to me spew disgust at the world- 
Disappointment in myself and in lovers.
You watched me relive the painful past-
Without judgment, interruption or sigh.

You love me. I love you. Since the day we met, I knew this.
Giggles to battles. Love to hate and to love once more.
A yielding to what time has revealed,-
Like the new, black pavement turned gray-
We have become what we were meant to be...

Without conditions, barriers or bars.
I don't think twice
About all I am blessed with, 
About who determined this.
I know you were ordained by God-
To be to me the greatest of gifts.

Shauna Leigh and Veronica Leigh

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