by - Saturday, June 18, 2016

Honestly, I think this school year will be the death of me (aren't every school year?). It's just the first week and it's making me miss our now, non-existing, adjustment period. Crying and making a run for it is like an appropriate thing to do right now, but obviously it won't make things any better. I was so secluded with the chill vibe of my first and second year that I forgot how hard junior year is. And junior year is the real deal —subjects are going to be way more harder, there are loads of papers to turn in and the professors are going to be more aware of their class schedules (not that they aren't in the past). With all of the unexpected announcements about the future coursework's in every subject, my first week was somehow ordeal. The funny thing about it was it felt like a baseball machine is continuously hitting me in the face and I can't dodge it.

The only subject I attended was my math class, that's in the afternoon. It's the first day and obviously no professor would attend it (can't blame them) except for our math professor. He was... okay. He tried to make a joke out of my name, but he failed and it made the whole atmosphere awkward. Damn. I went from being one of the coy students turned wretched in the span of an hour. I mean, who likes to freaking learn math in their first day of classes! Based on his grading system, I'll be praying the rosary for the next months.

I had the guts not to attend my classes on Tuesday because some of my friends weren't going too. Of course the reason of it is because the chance of our professors not showing up is high and thought that transportation money plus our energy would just be wasted. No guts, no glory. I read all day which is freaking F.U.N. and kind of productive? Yeah you could say that. The only thing was all our professors attended their classes that day. No regrets?

I don't have classes during Wednesday's. Cue mocking voice, "SO GUESS WHAT I DID?" I read... all day long. Okay this is a perfect way of telling that I'm a boring person who does boring things on her rest day from school.

Not attending my Tuesday class backfired at me when Thursday came. Did I tell you that all my first subjects start at seven-thirty in the morning? Life is testing me. Thank you God for Wednesday though, I don't have to wake up early for five straight days. Anyway, my day started fine, well, not until my professor made us frantic of what our whole semester will be like for her subject. Just great! I had my math class in the afternoon —this day obviously sucked. I thought I won't make it until dismissal, but then I enjoyed our lesson and quite got the hang of it. Math is not that bad after all... Oh I was wishing for the day to end already. When I came home I went straight to bed because I was that exhausted from school and commuting.

My Broadcast Journalism will freaking end my life. That's for sure. This subject scares me so bad I just want the ground to eat me alive. However, there are some perks, we get to experience doing field works and stuff, but other than that making impromptu speeches is something I lack and need to work on. I got so frustrated when my next class started, we had to do group reporting's —I still hate it and that's final. Me becoming a leader to a group is not likely to happen because if I did I would freaking flip out until the day ended. I don't know I just don't want my group mates to be disappointed in me because I'm not leader material.  But me flipping out didn't do anything today, Shauna was the damn leader of group four. Guess I just need to step my game then. I want to thank the dean of my college for bringing fresh faces in our department, specifically for professors. My Biology professor was legit beauty and brains plus she's young. I think she's only in her twenties? The only thing was her voice is too little I can barely hear her discussions.

What a week though, right? Even though we did not do much I can already feel the wave of stress and pressure washing over me. I just realized that when I started college all I can seem to blog about is school; how stressful it is and how it sucks so bad.

Quote  for the whole semester: "For every problem that you encounter in life there is a vision of something better. Problems have a positive responsibility. Problems have a positive angle."
How was your first week back in school?

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  1. My sophomore year only ended yesterday but after reading this I'm already getting nervous for what will happen after my summer vacation XD
    I don't think I'd be able to handle it if my schedule looked like yours. Though that Wednesday off sounds great :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Enjoy your summer while it lasts! Junior year is going to be hell so you might want to prepare yourself. And yeah, my schedule really sucks hahaha

  2. buti ka pa nag-aaral. Aral ka mabuti ha, magaaply ako sa yo