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I forgot to include in the last part of day one that we went straight to Bagac after finishing the shoot in Mt. Samat —that is once again an astounding experience. We reached Bagac at around eight in the evening and boy were we all fatigue. The good thing was there are people around the area who were suggesting that we stay at their resort, but there was this one that we felt safe in. After settling in, eating dinner and resting was the only thing on our minds. Some of my friends brought food with them so they didn't have to spend money —a little reminder for traveling: be money wise. Since I did not bring any food with me for our trip I went straight to the eatery after changing into my pj's that was just around the corner from the cottage we're staying at, I remember Bhea, Bea and Trisha coming with me to eat there because it's much more comfortable (I forgot who else came with us). Of course, Bea being the talented person she is (Bea if you're reading this, you owe me) tried the karaoke after eating dinner. Bhea and I offered to pay for the karaoke (you have to drop a five pesos coin in it per song) if she will sing the song we're going to pick for her. As expected, she agreed. It only took us two minutes to pick a song and it was hilarious! Who would have thought that Bea can take a challenge and sing an Ilocano song wholeheartedly? I remember laughing so damn hard that it made me cry and fall down to the sand while watching her sing. I'm not even exaggerating! May I remind you that we were all worn out that night, but we didn't doze off that easy. We stayed up for a few hours; had a small chat and messed around. I think I was the third one who fell into deep slumber. 
Morning came and it was our second day in Bataan. It was five-thirty in the morning when I was woken up by the noise of my friends. Some of them already started to get ready considering there are twelve of us and there were only two bathrooms. We needed to finish getting ready by eight so we won't have a hard time finding a boat to rent —which was surprisingly not. Island hoping!? Well... kinda.
The boat ride was... woozy. But it was fun, sea water splashing over our faces. We visited Bagac Cave and Playa de Caleta (white sand beach). I wasn't able to stay under the sun much longer because of event purposes (LOL).
Afterwards when we came back to our cottage we ate lunch and packed our bags for our next destination. Sisiman, Mariveles. We did not expect that the travel time from Bagac to Mariveles was thaaaat damn long. Our butts were pretty much numb because of the tedious time we sat inside the bus. Regardless I'm still thankful we arrived there safely.
We had a little problem with the transportation we were supposed to take next, but we found a solution to it hasty. Sisiman had a pleasant weather that day. It was windy and not too sunny.

Some of us climbed the semi-mountain of Sisiman and some stayed back down to watch our things so it wouldn't get snatched. Our legs were aching by the time we reached the top, though it all went away because the view was just so breathtaking. We hanged around on top for an hour to take in the beautiful view and of course to shoot some videos. We finished by sundown and it became harder to go down since the steps were freaking steep. I had to hold the camera tightly so it wouldn't fall or bump at the rocks.

Blue House, oh blue house. By the way that's the name of the place we stayed in that night. We were all uncertain to rent rooms there because it was horrifying as fuck. Mainly because...
  1. The only noise you'll hear are the clanging of the roofing's, the splashing of waves and the howling of the dogs.
  2. It's isolated. The house was literally at the end of the freaking street.
  3. It was too damn dark.
  4. There were dogs walking around the place. I don't even know why they weren't leashed!
  5. I think we were the only ones renting out rooms. Freaky much!!
  6. There's a door inside the rooms that can be accessed on the other side.
  7. The landlady chose to give us the rooms upstairs that has one of the most horrendous room I ever stayed at. I was insanely uncomfortable inside it. Thank God I didn't sleep there! 
Clearly we didn't have any other choice because it was already late, so we were stuck there. Some of us had a hard time settling down and I'm one of them. I started to get scared when they were talking about some scary stuff about the other room —that was much bigger. Its bathroom had a freaking huge hole on top of it and we don't know why! Of course I didn't dare look at it, I'm a freaking wimp. When Bhea, Jessie, Trisha and I were cooking our dinner downstairs I can't stop looking everywhere, I keep on trying to focus my eyes on the food I'm cooking but I just can't do it. I'll gaze at the door beside me and wait for something to happen, I'll gaze at the window and wait for someone or something to jolt at me or make these horrible imaginations that I'll see a freaking ghost walk around the area. Aaagh! Discussing our experience in Blue House —mostly mine is making me cringe and realize that I was just making myself more scared as fuck because of my stupid thoughts.
Anyway, dinner was ok and I slept fine considering I was in between Jessie and Trisha, though the only light turned on was coming from the bathroom and it was widely opened. I being the stupid person I really am imagined that when I close my eyes and opened them there's a black figure standing inside. To God be the Glory! Day 2 is finally finished! See you all on Day 3!

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