Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I can't believe I'm writing this a month after of the concert. 

(Note: Imagine me stating the first part of this paragraph in a very calm voice then crying in the near end) I still can't breathe. I can't believe they REALLY came. After freaking five years, hello Shauna, dreams really do come true. To be honest I've tried my hardest not to do a blog post about the concert because I'm still having a hard time reminiscing what happened that day because every time I do, I get disappointed. WHY DID IT END SO SOON. 

That day started off pretty normal, well, besides the fact that I stayed the night before at my block mates house because we had to do some editing for our project. I was literally excited to go home, change into my concert clothes and yet again lose my concert virginity but this time to 5SOS. 
When I got home and already fixing the things I'll be bringing with me, I realized that I forgot my charger lying on top of the table at my friends house. My excitement turned to hopping mad real quick. I won't share what happened after because it's stupid. Hay Shauna and her stupid problems. 

Fast forward to when we're outside the arena...
I think we arrived three hours early before the actual concert and boy the place was already packed with people. As we walked closer and closer to the arena I felt myself getting notably excited once again. 

This was the moment I had been waiting for. My adrenaline went of the roof. The time had finally come that I would get to see and hear my favorite band play their song live after five years of waiting. 
As we gradually made our way to our correct seat section the first sight I saw was a large arena filled with thousands of people. All the seats inside were full as well as the people in the VIP section. I found myself in a state of amazement because it wasn't until I got to my seat that I finally heard the sound of the speakers pierce my ears —that was a sweet hymn of music that I live for. 

I couldn't take my eyes off the stage. Though was agonizingly too small for my liking giant speakers were all over the place and I was a hundred percent sure that I could still see them. 
As the dark stage was filled with smoke and spotlights flashing through the stage, all of us yelled at the top of our lungs. When we heard the sound of a piano, it was time, the band slowly started their intro. Writing this part gives me goosebumps oh my god no. MEMORIES. PLEASE BRING ME BACK TO SOUNDS LIVE FEELS LIVE MANILA. I wish everyday is #SLFLMNL. 
As the glorious concert went on, they played many of my favorites songs —Disconnected being one of them. I actually almost cried whilst singing it. Soon after I realized that I was actually standing, jumping, singing, crying, shouting stupid things and dancing at a 5SOS concert. It came to a point where I cringed because just last year I was crying for a concert ticket and now I'm with a bunch of strangers having so much fun. 

The level of sound was astronomical. Every time the drum was struck I could feel the repercussion within my chest! The vibration that each music they produced felt like current passing through my body —that literally made me dance and jump like a freaking maniac. 
 When the final song was over and 5 Seconds of Summer was off the stage. The lights abruptly came on. Everyone started to leave the arena. I still wanted to hear more of them live, but just as they had to come out they then left in the same way. 

Obviously it was an awesome experience and I hope that I can attend one again. Is it just me or do you also feel that my blog post is too calm?...



Sunday, April 10, 2016

What a lovely day to wake up to! The sun is out and everyone is awake. We surely are very keen to go on a hike for hours on day three! (Note sarcasm). Okay, so we did wake up early (well...kinda) AND we ate breakfast. But to break it down to you we were not freaking inclined to climb a very high mountain. Nevertheless we had to do it for the sake of experience and of course the travel show. After taking turns in bathing, eating breakfast, packing our things, paying the rooms we had rented, took a tricycle and bus ride to Tarac blah blah blah —WE HAVE REACHED THE ENTRANCEWAY OF MOUNT TARAC!!! We were clueless. Bhea and I had to go and talk with the Barangay officials because we weren't exactly well informed on what to do. To the kindhearted young man who drove us to the Barangay, salamat Kuya! Tour guide. We needed a tour guide. Unfortunately it's not safe to go and hike alone especially if you're with your absurd barkada. Thank God someone came and volunteered before we all died of waiting. One of the officials let us leave our heavy travel bags inside their office so we're hassle free while trekking. The only things we brought with us are the important stuff we'll be using. I'm still regretting that we didn't rent a tricycle to drop us off at the REAL starting point of the trek. Damn. I can still remember my breathless self. When we reached the real starting point I already felt the chilliness of the atmosphere. So I wore my jacket, wait no, scratch that, I wore Lester's jacket —that I kindly borrowed because Francis was wearing mine. Initially the trek was going fine; we were still breathing alright and our minds were pretty much determined that we can do it. The trails were very steep, sandy, and full of rocks, huge ones. It was fun at first, but after an hour and a half of walking (more like death march), we couldn't catch our breaths. Believe me when I say that TREKKING IS NOT FUN AT ALL if you're a first timer. All I could do that time was make fun out of our sourpuss selves and laugh at it. I mean there's no point if you're going to be a total bitch about the long trek. Long story short, we made it through the freaking challenges of the damn mountain. Papaya river, finally!!! All that walking, climbing up and down made me drink all of my water so Jessie and I went to the upper part of the river to get some clean H2O. Obviously I wanted to relax my feet from all the walking we did so I removed my shoes and bask for a while. Then I went down to the lake and splashed my feet to the streaming water. Our tour guide gave us an hour and a half to finish our little assignment considering it's already getting late, we wouldn't want to go down on a dark trail. A tad advice when going on a trek: make sure to start early so you wouldn't get rushed to do anything. Though we only had a limited time up there, it was still worth it. The experience was unforgettable and diverting. Too bad we didn't get the chance to climb up Tarac Ridge because according to our tour guide the trail up there is much more harder to swarm especially to us first timers. Ahhh! One for the bucketlist! Tarac Ridge you're up next. Well that's the last of my trip to Bataan! Sorry if the blog contents suck, but the videos I made says it all. See you next timeeee!



Monday, April 04, 2016

I forgot to include in the last part of day one that we went straight to Bagac after finishing the shoot in Mt. Samat —that is once again an astounding experience. We reached Bagac at around eight in the evening and boy were we all fatigue. The good thing was there are people around the area who were suggesting that we stay at their resort, but there was this one that we felt safe in. After settling in, eating dinner and resting was the only thing on our minds. Some of my friends brought food with them so they didn't have to spend money —a little reminder for traveling: be money wise. Since I did not bring any food with me for our trip I went straight to the eatery after changing into my pj's that was just around the corner from the cottage we're staying at, I remember Bhea, Bea and Trisha coming with me to eat there because it's much more comfortable (I forgot who else came with us). Of course, Bea being the talented person she is (Bea if you're reading this, you owe me) tried the karaoke after eating dinner. Bhea and I offered to pay for the karaoke (you have to drop a five pesos coin in it per song) if she will sing the song we're going to pick for her. As expected, she agreed. It only took us two minutes to pick a song and it was hilarious! Who would have thought that Bea can take a challenge and sing an Ilocano song wholeheartedly? I remember laughing so damn hard that it made me cry and fall down to the sand while watching her sing. I'm not even exaggerating! May I remind you that we were all worn out that night, but we didn't doze off that easy. We stayed up for a few hours; had a small chat and messed around. I think I was the third one who fell into deep slumber.