by - Friday, January 15, 2016

Made myself sit down and (attempt) to get shit done today. And by that, I mean create the most efficient way to do several things at the same time —I've done this before, but this time it's different because it's all coming at me like a freaking cannonball and I've been idle for the past days (oh christmas break why end so soon?) 

Scratch all of that and let me talk about something else. 

I don't remember posting about this in my previous blog posts so here it goes. Crap! In less than two months my favorite band's concert is finally going to befall. I swear to God every time I check my countdown app I start hyperventilating. Yeah, it's pathetic, but heck I feel so emotional about it. 57 more days to go! I will be attending it with Ally (omg feels) and were seat mates. Holy crap. I can already imagine what's going to happen when they play Disconnected I want to cry.

I can't put into words what I'm feeling right now because I'm that damn excited!!! Okay, so our professor in this subject is REALLY cool. The final project she gave us for this semester is a freaking travel show. Hello exciting much??? What's great about it is she let us group with our "squad" (yes she literally said squad). She also gave the destinations we should only go to —Bataan, Batangas, NCR, Zambales. 

Guess where our squad is going? Bataan!

Our plan for the (thrilling) expedition is not yet legit since we just barely started on research about the place and we're still bickering on some stuff, but like its planned we should have our itinerary by next week. Gosh, I feel so worked out because of excitement.

What's with the hiatus? Again. 
There's nothing to blog about. As you can see, I have reverted my previous blog posts into drafts —I don't have a legit reason why. School works dragged me all the way down (nothing new). I finally filled up the last pages of my red journal November last year and bought a new one (it's brown one lol). Writing my heart out in my new journal is what's keeping out from blogging actually and my same old lazy ass self. 

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