by - Saturday, January 30, 2016

Before 2016 even occurred I was already searching for a new planner. Badly hoping to get a new one from my favorite store I felt damned because it got out of stock and it's just the first week of December! Let me tell you this, every time I go back there and try to find those freaking planners I always end up disappointed. "WHY WON'T THEY RESTOCK 2016 PLANNERS" I thought to myself. Eventually I gave up and never stood inside of that shop again. Kidding!!!

It's January year 2016. Radio Conference happened in our campus and my friends, who are also the organizers were assigned to sell Eskwelahan Planners during the event. While waiting for my class to start I hanged out with them —that ended up them persuading me to buy a planner. Just looking at the planner, I felt in love at first sight, but I was doubting whether to buy or not since I'm saving up some money for our Bataan trip. Though I ended up buying one HA!
It's my first time to hear nor know about Eskwelahan Planners and my reaction to it is, damn they really thought this through. It must have took them a decade to finish and complete the contents in every page!
Fortunately this planner has various functions:
  1. You can use the daily writing space as a journal.
  2. You can draw or doodle.
  3. It has featured articles about student life where you can relate to —you will never get bored for sure.
  4. It has interactive contents where you can answer and share ideas.
  5. You can enjoy fun questions and activities to answer and solve.
  6. You can write down your expenses for the month and track how much you have saved for the period. 
I promise you, you won't feel bored with this one. I only had mine for a couple of days and I'm still feeling very keen about it. I don't even want to write on the pages because it's just so ravishing. This planner is also a combination of both english and filipino language which I think gave it a definition of witty and fun. I'm lucky enough to get it for PHP 250 because my friends told me that it costs PHP 500+. Shout out to my friends, Reign and Trisha who also bought one for themselves! We deserve this haha.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful insight! I've been hearing a lot about this planner and I was thinking of buying it since I'm still on the look out for a planner (and it's the last day of January for crying out loud). Definitely want to give this planner a try! 😃

    1. You should! :) Hope you have fun with yours xx

  2. Oooh, this planner looks nice! I think planners are great since I like being able to see everything that I need to get done. I had such a hard time deciding which planner to buy this year. I ended up ordering one from Target!

    xo Gail

    1. I'm not a big spender when it comes to planners though it feels like worth buying so I purchased one. I like everything organized too, so cheers to us being OC!:--)