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 After watching the film Walking on Sunshine it sure did convince me that I want to go and visit this place in the near future (I suggest you watch the film so you can understand what I'm talking about). From the 1980s hits set in a Mediterranean location it will give you nostalgia from that hit film Mamma Mia.
This place is famed for its baroque cities, distinctive conical stone houses and white sand beaches. Can you already imagine what it's like living there? Give me a plane ticket!
Lecce, I think, is a place where you would prefer to walk rather than ride public transportation. It's like every sweat that's coming out off your body and weary is worth because of the ravishing place you're in. If I'm lucky enough to visit this beautiful place I'll first run off to the Roman Amphitheater because damn, this place is art in its living form. I wonder what its like there nighttime?

What is it with me and Mediterranean places? Well you all know the beauty of Greece, from the fascinating landscape, beautiful view, and clear water, you will for surely put this in your to go places! Hello have you even watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? And, I can already tell that the people here are friendly. I want to experience waking up to a beautiful place like this and watch the sunset. Just imagine the photos I could take here... AHHHH! 

They say that Taj Mahal is really breathtaking and I approve of that though I'm only observing it from a picture. India is a huge country, where there are many places to wander around. In some articles it is said that coming to India is a great value destination because of the cheap findings and even the hotel rooms are somehow cheap. Also, it's one of the best place to learn yoga, meditate, and spend time at an ashram, a spiritual hermitage or a monastery. Take me now to India!! 

Okay? Okay. The community of Amsterdam looks relaxing. If I ever visit there all I'm going to do all day is sit on  a bench and enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere. Dam Square also sounds like a great place to just wander around or visit some cafes and restaurants. Honestly I want to visit this place because of Anne Frank's house and the other museums. Museum hopping would be great! 

Europe will definitely give you the "what" to "the heck" with its impressive buildings and mouth watering cuisines. To the people who's staying in France you sure are hella lucky because you get to wake up to a superb community. Take me with you please! And, for some reason I got interested in castles, I mean who wouldn't be? We're talking about freaking castles and France has many famous French castles like the Chambord Castle. Just look at that picture and tell me what you think about it! It looks so delicate I don't even want to look at it again because it might break. I just admire the beauty of France. Of all the places I want to visit I want France to be the first! 

Source of photos used in this blog post: Google and Unsplash 

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