by - Monday, September 21, 2015

I remember my mom asking me a few months  before September even came on how I plan on  celebrating my eighteenth birthday (LEGALIZATION HERE WE GO). I told her to just make it simple. Simple as in celebrating it at a theme park or just eating in a buffet restaurant. 

When the first week of September came my high school bestfriends and I surprised our other bestfriend for her birthday, two times. Actually we do this every time someone in our barkada will celebrate their birthday where half of us will attend the celebration and the other half won't, but they will so they surprise the celebrant by coming late. I just realized that I have revealed the routine we do yearly. I'm an idiot. 
Okay so for some of you (referring to my close friends who are reading my blog right now, hello) my mom and I are close. I tell her some of the things that happen to me during the day. And about three weeks before my birthday we had a conversation about why I don't get surprises for my birthday and how I feel bad about it, because for me it somehow shows off that I'm a trifle. For the past years I never got surprised for my birthday (okay, stop with the pity). I know you're all thinking that I gave her the idea to surprise me for my birthday blah, blah, blah. You're right. I did and it was the cleverest-secretive-most innocent-I COULDN'T EVEN FIND THE  RIGHT WORD FOR IT surprise she did. It got me good.
Honestly, it never came to my mind that she will SERIOUSLY plan a birthday surprise for me because 1. She's too busy with work 2. She's asleep the entire day because of her morning shift and 3. It just never really came to my mind because I'm too busy with the loads of school work (finals you're so near). I wasn't expecting for it to happen because I was routing to celebrate my birthday at a theme park whilst doing a cool "How I celebrated my 18th Birthday" video blog. Yeah keep laughing. 

But of course, I'm still thankful and grateful for my mom since she did all the planning and HIDING. I can't believe that not a single information about the surprise slipped from her nor my sister. Job well done ladies! 
Get ready for my Miss Word 2015 thank-you speech because here it comes... Thank you for all the people who turned their backs at me (joke) and became my mom's allies in surprising me for my birthday though it's today and celebrated it yesterday. To my high school bestfriends u da bomb AS ALWAYS, to my college bestfriends... I REALLY STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS CAME ALL THE WAY FROM QUEZON CITY/CALOOCAN/ORTIGAS/MANILA TO MAKATI FOR MY SURPRISE CELEBRATION I'M CRYING, to my wonderful relatives I'm really blessed to have you all, Salamat. To my Ninang's and Tita's (mom's bestfriends) thank you for the amazing gifts! And lastly thank you for the service crews of McDonalds and most especially to Birdie thanks for keeping your temper to yourself when Bea and Lester made fun of you. Sorry their such knuckleheads sometimes. Hope you're reading this Birdie. Okay, wow, this is definitely a thank-worthy day!

Cheers to my legalization!

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  1. This is seriously one of the sweetest things I’ve read all day! My friends do this all the time and I have to say I enjoy their plots. Our secret birthday party committee (members- friends!) is planning yet another secret birthday in a Chicago event space and I’m so excited that I’ll get to be a part of planning, for once (lol). Anyway, happy holidays!