by - Saturday, May 30, 2015

What's the best way to end your summer? Attend a party.

Well it's not just any party for me though, but a fan party. I  wasn't going to attend this event until my cousin told me and my sister that we should go with her. I was glad that my always present best friend Allyson also came. I'm not sure if i'll be detailing all the things we did yesterday so let's just get into it.. 

Having only two hours of sleep when you know you're going to attend a whole day party is dreadful. Kate slept over at our house because she lives in Sucat, Parañaque. We got up at around quarter to six considering that the three of us were all slowpokes, then I called Ally that we're going to her house since Grabtaxi was our mode of transportation. When the four of us arrived in SM North Edsa Skydome we were startled by the number of people (more likely fans) lining up for the event. It was jam-packed. We thought about lining up too, but since we already bought the pre-sale tickets we didn't bother. 
After an hour, our friends from way back 5SOS Album Launching met up with us except for Therese because she had to attend her OJT. We kind of got guilty for cutting in line with them and we swore that we would not do that again. While waiting in line Shawn started making jokes which made us blasting with laughter (good job, Shawn). Allyson got hungry so we told Kate and Viel to line up for us and walk straight inside the mall to buy food in McDonald's. We got a call from Shawn that some fans went ballistic over the selling of tickets because it got sold out. 
From left to right: Jasmine, Shane, Shawn, and Ericka
Thanks to Astroplus and the other handlers of the event we kind of had a mini-concert which changed our mood from tired to hard core fans. A band called Palm Avenue played some of the songs of The Vamps, 5 Seconds of Summer, and One Direction. 
Here comes the colored powders. When you're not good at listening, you should better learn how to do it. Some fans got excited  and used their colored powders though they were told not to in the meantime. 
The atmosphere inside Skydome literally turned colorful when the right time to throw the colored powders came. I'm sure every one of us got the chance to know what it tastes like considering we're all shouting and singing along to the blasting music. Our day basically turned out great and fun except for the cleaning part because damn, it was hard to get it off, we had to go inside the mall looking like clowns since the bathroom's near the venue was full of people. We decided to change into our new clothes and eat first before going back to the event. 
We didn't take much photos when we got to the event because the camera was under our used shirts and we didn't want to carry it all through the event. Sorry if this post sucks, I'm not feeling well because of what happened after the fan party, but if you want to know more about what happened in the event, you can look it up in my Instagram and Vine account. Thanks for reading!! 

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