by - Monday, May 11, 2015

On this new episode of keeping up with Suburban Blues, I will be charting-out what I have been doing for the past weeks. Now I know that I wrote in my last blog post that I will be posting a lot of things in here considering that it's summer and there are exciting agendas that will occur, I will experience and the exciting part is I get to blog about it, but sadly there weren't much. Just last Tuesday I decided to compile all the photos I took that somehow showed what I have been doing with my (rather drudging) summer.

First Photo: My cousins, aunt, sister and I had a road-trip to Cavite to visit their cousins and we had a quick swim in their private pool inside the subdivision (it was clean, I checked it) 
Second Photo: A fangirl never gets tired of watching various videos of their favorite band or idol. I did what I had to do, I watched their video diaries and felt gloomy. I literally spent the whole day lying in bed watching Youtube videos of 5sos.   
Third Photo: My mom is a crochet addict, I remember her crocheting all day forgetting to feed us lunch. Considering that I was the first one to appreciate her doing it (which by the way, she's awesome at) she finally made me that red off shoulder thing after weeks of begging. Thanks Mom.

Fourth Photo: Lester and I met up in Uni to pass the list of our group campaign members that ended up being a waste of time and transpo money because our college dean didn't show up and we still managed to take a quick picture smiling.  
Fifth Photo: Khalifa!!! As you all know, they are my BFFL (best friends for life) after months of talking about having a get-together we finally did it. It wasn't really planned, it was kind of a "Hey ask your mom if you could go to Janna's house later, let's hang out. Tell everyone. Be there in an hour" unexpected get together. I woke up from that text and mom wasn't home so I panicked and messaged her if I could go. I think all the saints blessed me that day because mom allowed me to go out. Hanging out with these ladies makes me insatiable. 
Sixth Photo: "Enjoy the View" lol kidding. Tanza Oasis was... I don't want to be mean, but I did not appreciate the place because I expected a bit more excitement and it didn't even reach half of the excitement I was hoping for. At least I had fun because my relatives in my father's side are quirky and amusing.  

Seventh Photo: It's been months of (somehow) training Argo to learn some tricks and all she ever learned is "sit" and "kiss". I wouldn't say that it's frustrating considering that she's still a puppy and damn hyper all the time or just still confused about things? (Oh, like what shauna?) Argo is so sweet and cuddly, she even looks like a polar bear because of her white hair. 
Eight and Ninth Photo: Muke (Michael-Luke) tandem has finally made time for each other! I was smothered with a lot of hugs, "I missed you", and of course skin shaming. It's really a common thing for Al to say so I just stick with it (hi al if you're reading this). I was supposed to put make-up on her, but it ended up her doing my make-up. I didn't knew that she had an exam the next day so she just studied while we listened to Spotify.

Tenth and Eleventh Photo: I spiritedly made my journal a little bit more amusing. 
Twelfth Photo: Jiane, Cha, and I got invited by Earl and some of her other relatives to accompany them in her mom's family day in Eight Waves Waterpark. That day was full of laughter. It was freaking cool.

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