Sunday, May 24, 2015

(Photo from Unsplash)
It's been forever since I made/posted a playlist and it sucks for me not to post every once in a while because I can't share the tunes I've been listening to every day. Over the past weeks I became addicted to listening to these songs. I play it like every damn hour of the day. Some of these songs would remind me of the good times I had with my friends and relatives and it also puts me in a good mood whenever I'm pissed off of something or someone. 

Weekly Round Up


Monday, May 11, 2015

On this new episode of keeping up with Suburban Blues, I will be charting-out what I have been doing for the past weeks. Now I know that I wrote in my last blog post that I will be posting a lot of things in here considering that it's summer and there are exciting agendas that will occur, I will experience and the exciting part is I get to blog about it, but sadly there weren't much. Just last Tuesday I decided to compile all the photos I took that somehow showed what I have been doing with my (rather drudging) summer.