by - Saturday, January 17, 2015

Focus more on yourself
Always put yourself first because you're the only one who can handle the challenges that will come through you. Try not to focus on unimportant things and start focusing more on yourself. Liking and respecting yourself helps with people liking and respecting you. Remember, that people like people who like themselves.

Save money
 Well we all know why we should save money. First, you might need money for school projects, yes you shouldn't bother asking money to your parents because you are already a grown up.. somehow. Second, there are always these ravishing clothes you see whenever you pass by clothing stores and you just want to mourn over how badly you want it. Third, you and your friends sure have get togethers and you will need some extra money because girls spend a lot of money in just minutes and last but not the least! Saving up money will SAVE YOU from wanting "the concert feels" without money you can never have it. This is the most important reason why you should do it. So save up.

I think I have mentioned this to some of my blog posts (?) and friends a couple of times already, "write everything". I know some of you are in favor of speaking-out your issues or other experiences, but for me writing is much better because there are things that should be kept untold. I know you can just hide your thoughts on something by not telling it out, but you will just have a hard time so I suggest you just write it down on a paper or journal and keep it.

Explore the endless road
 It’s time to make more memories and have a lot of fun this year. Do all of things that you didn't get the chance to do for the past years. When in doubt, go out and explore. Always remember that you only live once, but be careful —okay I didn't just get that from a quote.

Be genuinely happy
There is no time for being sad, angry, depressed or whatever negative feeling you are feeling. Keep that frown upside down and be grateful for the things you have and for the people who are with you! 
Say yes  
For you to explore the endless road and be genuinely happy you should say YES more often, but also learn to say no. I'm not saying that you should say yes to everything in general, but only to the things that you think might be better for you. It's 2015 for god sake live a little! 

Inspire and motivate people 
Try doing this and spread out the thoughts you have to inspire and motivate people. 

What do you consider doing this 2015? Please leave it in the comments below and thank you for reading my first blog post for this new year! I never got the chance to say thank you to all of you who are reading this monotonous blog of mine for the past years, so thank you so much and have a nice day.

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