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An unexpected invitation from Cielo was sent to me on a Thursday evening to attend TeenWeek’s PH Camp that was held last Friday at the SMX Convention in SM Aura.
Teen Week is a weeklong celebration of good hygiene and camaraderie among teens. Its aim is to boost each teen’s self-esteem so they can have the confidence to look good, feel good to do things in life and also to make the teens future-ready. Basically this event is all about everything that’s awesome about being YOU right now. They got different influencers-that is the ambassadors- who were part of the campaign that reaches out to teens and teach them how to have an awesome teen life. 
(Yeng Constantino)
Undoubtedly I wanted to come, but my schedule was holding me back from coming to the event. Fortunately we didn't have our two classes (thank you to my dear professors) that’s why I got home early. Am I lucky or what? 

I met up with my forever present best friend and went to the event with her.

When we arrived at the venue we were stunned to see how long the line was for the registration. We never really knew that the line was for invited schools registration only so we went straight to the end of the line and stood there for the registration. Later that evening when the organizers were already giving out the registration forms, someone told us that the bloggers have their own registration spot. Such dorks.

Since it was my first time to attend an event like it I got the jitters when I was filling up the form owing to the passes given to us- that is the Media ID Pass. 
Out of all the people who attended the event most of them are students from different schools and at first I thought that it was a school fair. Thanks to the media passes some of us were wearing I saw other bloggers who also attended the event. I somehow wanted to be brave enough to say "hi" to them but, I got timid.

The good thing about having media passes is that you’re always the first priority of the organizers and whenever you go to the booths you can always get unlimited food. Yes we abused some of the booths, especially the Slurpy Slushie.
The booths were crowded from the beginning of the event. They were sponsored by Rexona, Cream Silk, Master, Ponds, Clear and Colgate.  
They were giving out free tote bags with a Candy Magazine in it and I got disappointed because they gave out old ones. There was a set up art spot nearby where you can design your own tote bag.  I wasn't sure what I was doing that time and I decided to write bizarre phrases. In the end I laughed at my work and realized how boneheaded I was for ruining the whole thing. 
I took a lot of pictures of the event, but I only picked a few to post (I discovered that in my past blog posts I seem to put every single photo I take). If you are following or visiting my social media accounts (twitter, instagram, vine) you may have already comprehended on how loud the event was.

Only a handful of teen celebrities came in the event. It was somehow suffocating inside the venue due to the numerous attendees. The event ended up around nine in the evening and I wasn’t even worrying about going home late, though I have a seven-thirty class the other day.
Being part of the events Media for a night got me to thinking that I can also influence other teens on how to live an awesome life. To my readers who are still in the stage of being a teen, always think positive in life and try to create good memories throughout the time. Whatever your problem is, always think that you can outclass it! 
Thank you once again Cielo for inviting me! 

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  1. That seems like an amazing event. Also, I don't think you ruined the tote bag ;)
    Anyway, I'm here today as a representative for Teenage Blogger Central, the blogger community you joined earlier this year. I'm here to ask you if you could put up a link button to TBC from this page http://teenage-blogger-central.blogspot.ie/p/blog-page_27.html in your sidebar. We'd love it if you could spread the word about TBC so more people can join :)
    If you have any suggestions or ideas for guest posts, let us know! We're looking forward to seeing your involvement with TBC :)