Overcoming Stress

by - Thursday, September 11, 2014

The playlist I promised to do/post!

Fireproof - One Direction
Heart Out - The 1975
Ghost - Ella Henderson
Riptide - Vance Joy
Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
Long Way Home - 5 Seconds of Summer
Break Free - Ariana Grande
Shower - Becky G

Listen to it here

Stress is a big pain in the ass. True. It makes you lose your mind and want to rip your hair out. To us students, it's not new. You can get stressed out everywhere. I mean it. EVERYWHERE. Even in the freaking bathroom you can get stressed; you just finished taking a bath and suddenly you realized that you forgot to bring in a towel with you so you'll have to run naked without being seen and go safely in your room (been there, done that). 

Just last night I cried like a freaking five year-old kid who lost her doll at the mall, half an hour after I got home. I was so drained, stressed and worn-out. I already got home late and I didn't want to talk to anyone because of what I was feeling, but no instead they nagged on me. I was already contemplating not to quarrel with them but they pushed my limits so I did and that's when I cried inside the bathroom. Stress makes us do unbearable things, like quarreling. 

Here are some of MY ways on how to overcome STRESS.
  • 1st: Take a shower/bath
    -It's the #1 solution to surmounting stress. It gives you the relief your body and mind needs. 

  • 2nd: E A T
      -I don't even know if I should even explain this. All I want to say is, if you're going to eating DON'T EVEN think of how fat you'll get after eating so much food. If food makes you happy then eat as much as you can (just know your limits) Crap if you're afraid of not being liked because of your body size-weight it's their loss, they let go of a great person.  

  • 3rd: Listen to a relaxing playlist
Most of the playlist I have been listening to are from 8tracks. I suggest you go make an account and listen to the playlists uploaded there and might as well listen to the playlist I made right up there . Listening to that kind of genre of a song nor playlist can make you drowsy, the advantage of it is that you can forget about being stressed and just enjoy the beauty of the song AND life. 

  • 4th: Do a sketch of ANY SUCH THING
Every time I'm pressured about some coursework's I always try to take a break and sketch something  at the back of my notebook like a person trying to get an apple out of the toilet. It's weird but it makes me smile and it lessens the pressure I have. Try it!!

  • 5th: Get your phone and chat with your best friends.
-As simple as that the stress will disappear. There's no doubt, talking with your friends won't stimulate the crap out of you especially when you haven't talked to them in quite a while.

  • 6th: Go outside and take a walk around the area
I haven't done this yet mainly because I live in a place where there are a lot of tricycles roaming around the area. Hopefully next year *wink (you know what I mean). I guess by doing this it will anticipate you to think of what's going to happen after you sort out the things you should do after you get home. 

  • 7th: SLEEP IT OFF
It's not beneficial for you to sleep off stress and not sort out the problem you've been stressing out because once you do it, you're still going to stress about it. Why did I put this here then? Primarily because sleep is good and good sleep means good mood. 

  • 8th: Watch Video Blogs in Youtube. 
Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, Zoella Sugg, Miranda Sings, Jacks Gap, JennxPen, Orion Carloto, and so much more! I finally came out off my cocoon and yes I've been surreptitiously watching Youtubers do a lot of crazy things for quite a few years now. Ones you've watch their videos I promise you that you'll laugh and feel like you've been saved from a surprise quiz in math class.

  • 9th: Play with your pet
[Paging Argo] More or less, everyone in this cruel world are pet lovers. I once owned two turtles, I named them Sharpay and Ryan (you can't blame me, HSM was da bomb dat com that time) but they died a month after. Argo is the third pet I have owned in my existence (as I can remember) as of now I'm hopelessly hopping that he doesn't run away. Anyway, do frolic activities with your pet and cherish the good times you'll have. 

  • 10th: WRITE // DO A BLOG POST
There's no harm in writing what you feel. No matter how cliché it is, you can still do it. Go do it and make yourself feel the relief you've been aching for.

Now how do YOU overcome your STRESS? I reckon every one of you have different ways on how to surmount it. 

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