by - Saturday, July 12, 2014

How will I start a new blog entry..
Shauna: Knock knock!
Block mates: Who's there?
 Shauna: Lettuce
Block mates: Lettuce who?
Shauna: Lettuce in and you'll find out! 
*a huge wave of silence crushed me*

Is it me or did I just get embarrassed? Hey it's not my fault I said Harry Styles knock knock joke in front of my block mates (I thought it would be funny, but obviously they didn't get the joke) 

Not blogging for weeks is NOT fun at all. I made (actually DIY-ed) my physics notebook that I didn't use in high school and turned it into a blogging notebook! So, I can make my drafts there. I'm excited to start writing again.

blogging notebook
crafty shauna is crafty

If you're going to ask how's my college life doing for the past weeks (that is if you're going to) all I'm going to say is "I'M DOING WELL (?)" Although there are a lot of coursework given to us this semester it's pretty much fun thanks to my dear block mates (kudos to them). 

Regardless of the unbearable course works I'm dealing with at the moment, I'm excited to share to you the agenda of my college for this month!! I'm going to blog about it so might as well just know it.

"College of Communication Week" or as they call it "C.O.C Week" is held yearly in my University. It's a kind of gathering that communication students participate to (obviously). There are productions, quiz bees, photo journo, and oral competitions. Now these are the agenda of our C.O.C Week:

July 25 - Thanks Giving Mass
July 21-26 - Charity Day 
July 28 -  Opening of Contests
July 29 - Production Competition (per block)
July 30 - "Correction 2014" (Academic Contest)
July 31- Battle of the Bands

As of now I'm trying my best to be positive because I'm so worked up with my schedule. I freaking have Saturday classes and it's not great at all plus I'm attending some practices for our production number -everyday. I've been experiencing sleeping disorder and I'm literally laughing right now considering it's because of fangirling over 5sos. 

I never thought this blog post would be this long wow. 

I made a PLAYLIST feel free to listen to it :-)

***If you're interested in Rainbow Rowell eBooks (old/new), just send me an email and I'll send it to you!*** 

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  1. If you don't mind, in which University do you study? :) Btw, welcome to the college jungle :)

    1. I'm studying at Polytechnic University of the Philippines :)