by - Thursday, July 31, 2014

 12 sections  battled through a Production number, only 3 sections survived. 

School days pass at their regular painstaking pace, though some days are jam-packed with pressure owing to our performance for the College of Communication Week Production Competition---that is yesterday.

To be completely honest we were not yet finished with our choreography yesterday (yes, you guessed right we just winged-it during our actual performance). Supposedly we were going to have our last rehearsal when we're all complete and finished getting dressed-up, but since we all panicked because of pressure due to some costume break downs, we ended up not having our last rehearsal.

Walking through the streets of Anonas wearing our Oh-So-Bright-Colored costumes was delightful considering that people were giving such nice comments about it----"Ang cute naman ng costume niyo"---- it was also sort of embarrassing walking to the main campus with our bare stomachs and legs seen by many people.

[Fact: Our building/campus "College of Communication" is not located in the Main Campus but it's in the same street. That's why we had to walk just to get to the Main Campus]

The Parade. 

"Boom Bakat, Boom boom bakat bakat" 
"Move give way 1N is on the way" "OOOY, OOOY, OY, OY, OY, OY" "Parapa-parapa 1N" 

BABRC 1-1N were such enthusiasts during the parade. People were chanting and clapping with us--that made us more jittery and hyperactive. 

Do you ever get the feeling of needing to nudge every single person out of the way and just throw up when you're about to perform in front of many people? Well congrats to you, you're human.

I was palpitating , I wasn't breathing fine and I was about to pass-out. I think we all were. It was a spine-chilling time for us since we were about to perform in front of hundreds of people because duh we're inside the main campus. Everyone's eyes were all in us, they were watching our every move, our every single move. 


Gladly, we pulled-of our production number and made it to 2ND PLACE! Uno for the best! *CHEERS*

(Teatro Komunikado's way of inviting us to check out their booth) 

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